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Old 14-07-2018, 12:14 AM
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Default Floating in my inflatable latex fox catsuit
I have written about this suit in the thread:My lastes purchage on Ebay, so i will consentrade about my floating trips in this thread.
Yesterday i finaly figured out how the best way to float in the suit is, lying on my stomash.
I floated around for two hours and also takling with a couble of stand up padleling ladys who where currius about my suit.
I explained that my suit is made of the same material as balloons are made of and it feels like floating inside a balloon.
I told them that i got the idea after seeing Inflatable Guy doing it on youtube.
One of the ladys afsked me if i was afraid if the suit should pop and I told her that i was not since i am an experienced scuba diver. After that the suit suddently deflated.
She felt bad about it, but I told her not to worry about it since it was only a short swim back.
We said goodbye and I drove home and dried my suit
When i got home from work today the suit was dry and I was able to repair the suit and after that i was invited to dinner so i letted the glued suit cure while i was out.
I got home at ten pm and the suit was ready and was temting me to go floating in it. So i powdered it with talc and packed my pump and wetsuit boots with it
I thought that i needed something to propel me while floating so i brought my scuba fins too.
Arriving at the lake i suited up and took my fins on and then i inflated the suit real tight.
I then waded out and when the water was deep enough i lied down on my stomash.
I got my arms ajusted in the suit and I was now floating with my chest and thin raised on the inflated part of the suit and the upper body supported by the inflatable suit.
There was not much air in the legs of the suit, so i could eacyli propel my self though the water.
The weighless rubbery feeling while floating in the suit is soooo good and I almost fell into trance while floating in the dark. It feels like i am flying
After two and a half hour i was getting tired and I floated ashore.
Packing my gear in the dark night was a bit of a challance, but I managed to do it and find back to my car.
It's definitialy not the last time i will go for a floating trip in this suit. I just have to do a couble of small repairs before going out again.
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Old 05-09-2018, 10:59 AM
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Default Re: Floating in my inflatable latex fox catsuit
Since i wrote this the suit kept coming apart in the seams each time i floated in it.
It eventualy popped in the tail area and I am not sure if i can repair it.
I guess that i have to buy one in a better quality next time. The suit that Inflatable Guy use is from Latex catfish so i think i will ordner one from them.
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