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Default Re: What´s the appeal of popping?

Great question, thanks for the thread!

I will try to explain in regards to what I like to see in many videos that have been made over the years.

My favorite method is the bounce-to-pop.

There is a fine line between a model who is bouncing aggressively to pop a balloon and model who is bouncing gently and trying not to pop (it.)

It is the anticipation and unpredictability of when and even if the balloon is going to pop. Which can depend on what kind of balloon and how tightly or softly the balloon is inflated.

It is that "struggle" between model versus balloon that I enjoy!

One video that I have always liked that demonstrates this struggle is of a model named "Ruby" from Emma's

Ruby starts out intimidated by a large yellow balloon that she is sitting on to quite aggressively trying to bounce-pop it at the end. Then she expressively states she "really wanted to pop it," which appeared to be a very genuine response.

Here is a screen cap for reference: [see attachment]

Mike The Bouncer

~ By the way, LoudPopper's rollercoaster track clicking is a FANTASTIC analogy! Thank you LoudPopper, I am going to use that (explanation) in the future! ~
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