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Default Hardest balloon or inflatable and how did you pop it
I like wild stories about loons that took longer to make them pop, how much they resisted and the way you found to finally make it pop.

In my own case I will always remember a nice 24" beach ball, with orange and white segments. I was a teenager and played with it for at least 3 months. I rode it an entire night, like 6 sessions or more (btw what a wonderful memory) and it was hard like a rock, because with every session I reinflated it more and more. In the last session I put it in my PC chair and rode it like a cowboy, like it was a wild rodeo round. With my feet not touching the floor, bouncing with all my weight. I thought it wouldn't pop but it was under too much pressure and very hard bounces. It finally popped and it was as loud as a new overinflated balloon. It scared me a lot because I had never heard a beach ball exploding so loud (and I'm not sure if I heard it again). It was so exciting though...

Do you have a magic memory or had a hard fight? Is there an inflatable you specially remember for some (dirty?) reason?
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Default Re: Hardest balloon or inflatable and how did you pop it
When I was younger with my ex I had a 32 inch sprinkler beach ball and we went to the garage and blew it up with the compressor, I was on the carpet going at it while she continued to inflate it, I swear it was as big as a 48inch before I decided it might be very painful if it popped, so we stopped it there to pound on it for a while before she nail popped it and I finished by having sex with her
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