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Thumbs up My experience with one slightly aged balloon
Recently inflated a PMU 17 inch (white) about a week ago, and it's still holding it's air just fine. Let me tell you about this wonderus latexy pleasure skin. Oh my god.
So because it and 49 others were purchased about 2 years ago, it some how survived and has been sitting in my dresser stash forgotten, for like two years. Because of that it's sooo much softer than I remember PMU ever being, and PMU are already pretty soft. But let me tell you, putting this in between my thighs is like. Ahhhhh. Between my thighs I can feel her conforming to every squeeze and touch, as if she's saying more please! I haven't tried riding because I don't want to pop this wonderful balloon. PMU are naturally a bit more rounded as compared to some other balloons, which I rather like more rounded balloons over others, makes them a bit easier to sleep with in bed if I may be honest. This one squeaks so well and is such a joy to interact with.
Highly recommend you go out and purchase a batch of PMU, let a few sit out for a while and bring out a couple years later, I'm so doing that again. And the funny thing is, I never even meant to leave that one there, though I had completely forgotten that it was there! Lol.
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Default Re: My experience with one slightly aged balloon
I know latex changes, or ages over time. But the best fun I’ve had with my stash of balloons has involved my older ones. They sort of soften so when they give it’s less of a sharp bang, more of a quieter pop which I actually prefer. Some of my newest balloons are so loud when they burst they’ll leave me with almost tinnitus like ringing for hours after.
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Old 13-09-2018, 05:54 AM
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Default Re: My experience with one slightly aged balloon
Km currently clearing out some old oxidized balloons and came across a 2 year old Gl1200. I've attached a picture, brand new gl1200 on the left and on the right the 2 year old Gl1200. I was amazed how much abuse it took despite being that big and soft. But it did finally give up after some extreme riding.
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