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Default Re: Counting Blows
I have the wish the wish to make my balloons as big as possible... Because I am more a non/semi popper I also count to see how big they can get, at the point the balloon is really tight, still kind of safe (I know, it's contradictory).

But by reading this thread, I also notice that the the amount of air that one breath holds, plays a mayor role. For example, I notice a 17'' TT is really tight with 50 (deep) breaths, though with SusieDK this counts with a 14'' TT. Question is: are my breaths bigger, or is my standard of a tight balloon different...

Sometimes i blow a balloon with short breaths and sometimes with deep breaths (which contain much more air)... so in my opinion also the parameter of how deep the breath is plays a big role in counting.

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Default Re: Counting Blows
Yeah in the beginning I counted the number of breaths (especially as I first inflated a Q24 and didn't even inflate the neck because I was too scared of the tightness), but I then figured out that usedness of the balloon has more influence and even my breaths aren't equal (especially if I lay on the balloon when I inflate it )

Some years gone by I now use a pump to inflate my balloons, and I don't look so much on that things, I rater try to enjoy playing with the balloons. Sometimes I even don't have control of the pump, so I really have to focus on the balloons

Some more time gone by and I tried to measure the pressure inside the balloon to have a sign on how tight they are, but I see that sitting on a balloon has much influence on the presure, and it's not so easy to tell what a balloon will do...
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Default Re: Counting Blows
Here is a fun game, especially for 9 inch - 14 inch balloons, if you are a little scared to b2p.

Blow one up normal size, counting full breaths, tie it off.
Blow up another, but put one full breath more, tie it off.
Repeat until you b2p, if you get scared, pop one you tied.

You can keep playing after a b2p, if one popped on 12 breaths, blow 12 breaths into the next balloon, which likely won't pop. Then blow 13 into the next balloon, which likely will pop it. Keep going with 13 until a balloon holds it, then go to 14, etc.

Game ends when you get bored or run out of balloons.
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Default Re: Counting Blows
Originally Posted by albertcerruti View Post
Sounds like the counting is more of a non-popper thing as a way to eliminate the fear of it popping and it also increases anticipation?

Susie and Lucky - Do you have like a max number?
Yes, and it depends on the brand, size, and even color of the balloon. My usual balloons for playing are 11/12". I LOVE 14", but I can't buy them locally. I could order, but the problem with that is delivery to the house. Can't do that. One of these days I'll get a P.O. box or something.

Anyway, with my current stock of orange, standard finish Qualatex 11", six full breaths gets them to the point where a neck is just forming. At that point they're nice and tight and I can sit on it, ride it, hump it, whatever and they usually take it with no problem. Same for the red Q-tex 11", standard finish.
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Default Re: Counting Blows
I used to sometimes challenge the girls when they blew up balloons.
"How many more will it take?"
"Try 6 more breaths..."

It helped when they were scared
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