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Default Re: Any phobic non-poppers like me?
I was super phobic of popping up to some years ago. Then I overcame the fear when I popped a balloon accidentally during an inflation (an unintentional blow2pop). Then I realized that it was nothing else than an annoying loud noise , and the fear is created by the tension before, after a balloon pops, all the tension goes away in a burst. But honestly I'm not a popper, and I consider a balloon popping like a waste since it's like breaking my sex toy. Also during my sessions I don't want to pop balloon because I don't want to annoy people aorund me (neighbours), so I safely deflate them cutting near the nozzle with scissors. Besides that, liking it or not watching other peoples trying to pop balloons, especially girls gives me an instant boner . So I think I'm like went from non-popper to semipopper
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