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Default Re: Crystal vs Standard/Pastel Colors
I definitely prefer crystal colors, but they're usually more difficult to find, and often not available at all :/
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Default Re: Crystal vs Standard/Pastel Colors

Basically I like most colors when it comes to balloons, because what really does the trick is their ability to pop - and their ‘not being predictable’. To me it is all about the excitement deriving from this. However colors do play some role. Crystal colored balloons look more fragile and sort of boost the excitement because they seem more likely to explode any moment. Besides their colors are vibrant and stunningly beautiful - especially when the balloons are blown up right to the bursting point.
On the other hand pastel colored balloons are really really cute and greatly appeal me - I often think of these colors as being kind of feminin
Finally the socalled standard colors are the balloon colors I remember from my childhood, And this also means something as you can well imagine. Besides the ‘solid’ colored balloons have kind of a twistedexcitement boost to them, because even though they look less likely to suddenly explode than the crystal colored ones, I of course know they are just as likely to pop anyway. Does that make any sense?

I guess it all comes down to me liking most balloons regardless of them being crystal, pastel, standard or whatever. It is the excitement of the risk of popping, that ‘gets me’.
However the different color tones all have something to them. The same goes for the colors (red, blue, etc.) by the way. I guess it is all part of the psychological ‘trickery’ that made us get into this thing with balloons.

Thank you for reading my posting.


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Default Re: Crystal vs Standard/Pastel Colors
I personally like both crystal and pastel colors, they both really get me going. However I have to say pastel colors they have something to them that just makes them so pretty, maybe it's just personal preference.
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