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Default Bought some fun things in the last few days!!!
As it stood last week, according to my Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, I had about 110 latex balloons. Mostly 12", and a few 17" and 24". The vast majority were in a 72-pack of 12" Amscan (Party City) balloons, which I should not have bought (too hard to BTP or otherwise enjoy). The rest were Dollar Tree (Made in Mexico) 12-inchers.

At work a few days ago (resale shop), someone left an unopened pack of 15 Dollar Tree blue 12" balloons, which I swiftly made off with. Good stuff!

Today, I had the house to myself for a while. After a great looning session, I hurried out to Target to buy something I've always wanted.

I got a Balloon Time helium cylinder with enough helium for the 50 9" balloons that are included. I had to hide the thing in the attic and got done just in time to welcome the family home!

I can't wait to start playing with that the first chance I get. Good entertainment and some not-so-innocent fun right along with it! Plus, I've got a project to use the empty helium cylinder for once I'm done.

Happy looning and have a good day, y'all!
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