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BeachBall 20-10-2016 10:37 PM

How old are you?
Sorry if this thread has been brought up before, I had a look but couldn't find one. :)

I was just curious as to what kind of age range we all are here. I feel like I'm probably amongst the youngest here being 18 :o

lilolover82 20-10-2016 11:31 PM

Re: How old are you?
Probably most of us are going to be a bit older than you. But most of us aren't extremely old. We still have the energy to inflate and enjoy riding our inflatables down as they slowly deflate under us.

craggy2012 21-10-2016 02:43 AM

Re: How old are you?
43 here n Ive been into the scene long before the Internet and all these online community's ever came to be!

BeachBall 21-10-2016 08:24 PM

Re: How old are you?
Interesting to see that so far in the poll 18 and under are the joint largest age group with people aged 31-40... maybe a lot of this community is younger than I thought!

OverTheTop 22-10-2016 02:48 AM

Re: How old are you?
I feel like it partially has to do with the fact that the past two generations or so tend to be a lot more active online.

Blustrkuk86 22-10-2016 11:28 AM

Re: How old are you?
turned 30 this year in May. have had my fetish with balloons since i was 16

craggy2012 22-10-2016 11:44 AM

Re: How old are you?
16??? You late starter! :D

ThatOneLooner 22-10-2016 02:43 PM

Re: How old are you?
I'm 19. I always loved balloons as a kid, which gradually got more and more involved.

LeeRider 22-10-2016 04:35 PM

Re: How old are you?
Yeah it usually starts at puberty and younger members will have grown up with the internet and results show this.

BeachBall 22-10-2016 04:58 PM

Re: How old are you?
I think my 'fetish' started when I was about six. But of course, back then I had no idea what a fetish was. I remember inviting my friend round our house all the time when I was like 7/8 to blow up and play with my inflatables. I knew I was a non-popper the day he burst a tiny, cheap inflatable toy and I got so upset and made him leave the house 😂

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