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BBLoonyGirl 18-04-2020 05:15 PM

The Restaurant
Basil and Anna had been seeing each other for about a month, when Basil realized he hadn’t taken Anna on a proper date yet. So he suggested they go to a nice little American diner together. The food was great, but that wasn’t the only reason he’d chosen the place.
They chatted about everything and anything over burgers and shakes. Anna felt she had a throughly enjoyable time.
But it was about to get better.
Almost on cue, a waiter came out of the back room holding dozens of brightly coloured helium balloons. Anna was the first to notice them, but she didn’t say anything, not yet.
Basil turned around and spotted them next. “I say, Miss Anna, would you like a balloon?” Basil already knew the answer to that question, but he thought he’s ask it anyway.
Anna smiled, and nodded.
Basil called over the waiter holding the balloons. “I think my lovely friend here would like a balloon, if that’s OK.
“Of course!” the waiter replied. “What colour would you like?”
Anna looked up at all the balloons. Decisions, decisions, she thought to herself. “Hmmm…. I’ll have a yellow one!”
The waiter smiled as he picked out a yellow balloon and gave it to Anna. “There you go.” He then turned to Basil. “And for you?”
Anna blushed, and smiled, as she watched Basil look up at all the balloons making his decision. “Blue, please.”
The waiter picked out a blue balloon and handed it to Basil. “Enjoy!” he said as he left.
Oh, we will, thought Anna, smiling to herself.
“Let’s have some fun with our balloons,” said Basil.
“Right here? In the restaurant?”
“Just a little bit of fun,” he replied. He untied his balloon, placed the nozzle in his mouth, and sucked out the helium. “Your turn,” he said in a squeaky voice.
Anna laughed out loud, and followed suit. She’d never done this before; she was a bit nervous. “I sound so weird!” she exclaimed.
When all the helium was gone, Basil started to blow his balloon back up. Anna squeezed her legs together with pleasure. “Oh, Basil, you know what that does to me.”
“I know,” said Basil between breaths. When his balloon was full and tight he tied a knot in the end, and handed it to Anna. “For you.”
“Thank you,” was all Anna managed to say. She knew she wanted to head back to Basil’s apartment for some more balloon fun. She managed to keep it together throughout the remainder of the meal, and then they paid the bill and left.


When they arrived back at the apartment, Anna could no longer control herself. She practically ripped off Basil’s clothes, and then her own, and within a few minutes he was inside her.
Basil reached over to the bedside drawer and started to take something out. To Anna’s surprise, he had actually bought some balloons. He took one out, a red one, and started to blow.
Anna didn’t know how much longer she would last. She humped Basil vigorously, until she came, intensely. Basil was still blowing up his balloon. Some time later he came too, and let go of his balloon. They both giggled.
Anna collapsed on top of Basil, and cuddled him till they both fell asleep.

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