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sonarloon 22-01-2018 09:50 PM

ride to pop, some concerns and questions
Hello everyone,
As the title says, I'd like to attempt a more serious ride. Previously I've more just put maybe 5 10 pounds of my 155 pound body weight at once, however this time I'd like to put at least all of it.
First off, the possible loudness of the pop. Would you recommend a q16 or a q24 be the better option for a slightly quieter pop and support my weight better?
Second, I've just got a standard garbage bag to put it in, to hopefully contain the shreds if it does go. Will this work effectively?
Last, I should be ok when I possibly become a testament to gravity with 2 pillows, so I think I'm ok in that department. Unless I break an ankle or something. Lol.
Anything else I need to know before trying this?
Thanks everyone for your possible input!

JR Looner 23-01-2018 01:11 AM

Re: ride to pop, some concerns and questions
I have not bounced on a Q16 or Q24 before, but I can say that balloons in general can handle more weight if underinflated. Underinflated meaning inflated to less then full capacity. Also, if you would like a longer or harder ride, try bouncing on the balloon on a mattress. The mattress should help cradle the balloon so it does not deform to the breaking point.

I am not sure of the friction between a garbage bag and a latex balloon. I do know if you underinflate the balloon (as mentioned above) there is a less chance of the balloon rupturing into many small pieces. It might rupture into 2-4 pieces instead. Again, I don't pop balloons on a normal basis, so this is mostly pondering what could happen.

Hope this helps. Take care and Happy Looning.

Very Respectfully,


loonerdude44 23-01-2018 02:29 AM

Re: ride to pop, some concerns and questions
Just go with bigger balloons (good luck getting a Q24!), they can hold more air and subsequently take more pressure.

craggy2012 23-01-2018 03:49 AM

Re: ride to pop, some concerns and questions
To soften the pop simply inflate a little less. Even inflating to 80-90% means you can still ride it without fear of a monumental boom if it gives out.

sonarloon 23-01-2018 12:32 PM

Re: ride to pop, some concerns and questions
Hi again,
Thanks for your input thus far. So underinflation seems to be the way for a longer ride.
What about my strategy of putting it in a garbage bag? Will that actually work or will it just cause problems, AKA friction?
I plan to take on this riding attempt in about 35 hours from now eastern time, so would appreciate to know if this will work.
Thanks again all!

Bubble Boy :-P 23-01-2018 02:26 PM

Re: ride to pop, some concerns and questions
Just some good, strong quality balloons & an ounce of bravery is all one needs!;) Q-16s make quite a loud bang as they are thick & get very tight. A fresh TT- 24 is nothing short of a grenade. But i agree with what most say that the majority of the time; it is usually the smaller balloon that contains the bigger bang;) I wish you the best of luck for your balloon ride, sonarloon!:) Cool name, by the way!:)

sonarloon 23-01-2018 02:45 PM

Re: ride to pop, some concerns and questions
I was thinking the same thing, so I will use a qualatex q24, of which I have quite a few left.
I'm hoping my rifle range grade earphones and a quiet ambience soundtrack will be enough to lessen the sound of when it goes.
Thanks for the compliment! It was hard to decide on a name, so am glad you like it.

fastlooner 23-01-2018 09:29 PM

Re: ride to pop, some concerns and questions
Hi sonarloon, I read in another post of yours that you're blind and that's why a balloon popping would be bad, since you wouldn't be bale to find all the pieces. I'm not sure your level of visual impairment, but if it's possible maybe try putting some soft blankets in your bathtub or shower and riding your balloon there. If the balloon does pop (which is unlikely if you under-inflate it) the pieces would be confined to the shower. As others have said, the bigger the balloon, the more weight it can support. Good luck looning!

lyckr 23-01-2018 09:45 PM

Re: ride to pop, some concerns and questions
A Q24 should in theory be able to take more weight. Inflate it to 20-22" and place it on your bed or a mattress and enjoy the ride :)

sonarloon 24-01-2018 01:02 PM

Re: ride to pop, some concerns and questions
I had this crazy idea of purchasing a small camping tent and air-bed just for this kind of activity. In theory I could go to town and pop all the balloons I ever wanted, with minimal cleanup afterwards as hopefully the shards would be in the tent, not all over my room. :)
So I take on this first ride in about 3 hours. I'm super nervous...

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