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Vicci 12-05-2011 11:27 AM

Hello and welcome!
Hello and welcome to my forums. My name is Vicci and I've loved balloons and inflatables for as long as I can remember.

My favourite brand of balloon is belbal because they get huge necks and take a lot of beating.
My favourite colour balloon is jewel blue/turquoise.
My favourite inflatables are ride-on toys - they're so much fun and versitile.

So, that's me... time for you to introduce yourselves.

You'll need to reply to this post and make some useful posts before you get permissions to use the forums fully - sorry about that but we're trying to cut down on the amount of spam we get :)

Remember, play nice and have fun. Let's keep these forums a nice friendly place for all.


robga83 27-07-2011 07:06 AM

Re: Hello and welcome!
Hello everybody,

My name is Robert. I am 27 and from the Atlanta, Georgia area [USA]. I, like so many other looners, had an intense phobia of balloons when I was younger. I tried to avoid situations where I knew balloons would be and hated it when they popped. What made it worse is that my family members were not sympathetic to my fears, and would tease me with balloons and pop them by me all the time and make me cry. Every since puberty, I have enjoyed playing with balloons during my sexual moments alone, and eventually became comfortable with them popping. Now, I can't get enough. I love big balloons that I can ride and bounce on. I don't weigh that much, so I love that I can fully inflate a balloon and bounce hard without it popping. It has been my sexual fantasy to find a girlfriend who loves balloons too and pop them together. (i am still single) Of course, since the years that my fear became fetish I have never seen a girl playing with or popping a balloon in real life ever. The Fates have never been that kind to me to indulge my fantasies.

I love 24" and bigger balloons. My favorite brands are Tuff-Tex and Qualatex. For some reason I am attracted to the novelty of the iconic "red balloon".

I love to write stories, so if it pleases the forum, I would like to occasionally post some balloon fetish stories that I may write. I hope that are equally arousing to you.

Thanks for reading.


Imoverthere 15-08-2011 07:55 PM

Re: Hello and welcome!
Hi everyone!

I'm Christian, and probably one of the youngest here. I've been a balloon fetishist since I was about 13, following the all-to-typical phobia childhood. I find myself to be mostly a non popper, who can enjoy seeing balloons pop in videos but not in real life, but the thrill that it can happen always is such a turn on. I just love huge balloons, seeing them inflate to that huge size as well as me being able to sit on them completely just makes me so happy. Currently I have 36" balloons from Party City, thank god they sell them now! I just wish I had huge balloons like 72"!

John 29-08-2011 04:46 AM

Re: Hello and welcome!
Hi I John taggart I from norristown pa I am 37 today i love balloons since I was kid love them i like blow to pop balloons

Vicci 02-09-2011 11:19 AM

Re: Hello and welcome!
Hi John, belated happy birthday to you. I hope there was lots of balloons! ;)

looooooco 13-09-2011 02:04 PM

Re: Hello and welcome!

My name is Arthur. I will not share other data to prevent identifying me.

My favourite types of inflatable are castles and slides. I love watching them deflating but I didn't have so many opportunities this year (only ONE time). I'd love to try a ride-on or rent a big bouncy wobbly thing, but I live with parents so it's impossible now :)

@Vicci Thank you for taking action against spam.

Vicci 14-09-2011 02:23 PM

Re: Hello and welcome!
Hi Arthur! That's annoying living with your parents. I've currently got a large inflatable paddling pool in my kitchen filled with balloons - I'd miss being able to do random things like that.

dexx 06-10-2011 03:50 PM

Re: Hello and welcome!
Hello balloons and inflatables lovers,

I'm dexx from DuneFeet and DuneHands stores. The reason I have enjoy this forum is my duty to inform you and talk with you. I don't want to spam and bother you, and if administrator think that I am not welcome here...

Anyway, I stopped with balloons last month (inflatable clips are rare too). We had over 30 customers last few years and last 2-3 months they are gone. So I need Your suggestions to continue with the clips. Please take a look on the main store and tell me what is wrong...
For administrator: can I open my own thread and where?

mimi 09-10-2011 01:35 PM

Re: Hello and welcome!
Hi there,

My name is Mimi, I am a balloon lover. A professional lover, I would say. I love to experiment several things with balloons: water, dust, confetis, food or just air :P

I would like to learn a bit more of how I can use ballons, experiment with them, and have good fun! :D

So, can you help me here?

Thank you!


Lust for fun :)

Vicci 10-10-2011 11:55 AM

Re: Hello and welcome!
Hi Dexx and mimi - welcome both of you, it's nice to have some "professionals" here.

Dexx - feel free to start a new thread wherever you see fit :)

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