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BeachBall 23-10-2016 04:20 AM

What is your gender?
Sorry, another (hopefully not) boring poll about the demographics of this forum :p

Someone brought this up in a different thread recently and I was curious to see roughly what the balance is here between male/female/nonbinary. :)

lilolover82 23-10-2016 04:57 AM

Re: What is your gender?
I'm a man. I do believe there's a lot of females involved in this fetish, but I am unsure if they're going to admit to it on this forum.

Vicci 24-10-2016 10:45 AM

Re: What is your gender?
A lot of females won't admit to it, as the majority of men seem to think with their dicks.

For example, on my facebook I have 209 outstanding friend requests from male looners who seem to think I want 'dickpics' of them, on here I get several private messages a day asking about photos/videos/meeting up etc (hence why I only visit once a day 2/3 times a week). It's just a easier life to keep quiet about it.

craggy2012 24-10-2016 10:51 AM

Re: What is your gender?
Not too dissimilar to when my partner signed up to the FetLife community with me..... within two weeks she'd had enough attention n removed her profile again. She still views Fetlife and a few other forums n communities, but all through my profiles.

BeachBall 24-10-2016 01:37 PM

Re: What is your gender?
And some people say patriarchy doesn't exist, lol okay

wildheart 24-10-2016 06:48 PM

Re: What is your gender?
I know, it's bad these days. Hope you don't get any abuse. I've heard stories of some people getting really aggressive after they've been told you won't show photos. Best to block them before it gets to that.
It's a shame some guys ruin it for the rest. I've only spoken to 3 or 4 female looners because most don't want to chat because of bad experiences.

lilolover82 27-10-2016 07:30 AM

Re: What is your gender?
Cmon ladies we know you're out there, and we're civilized, aren't we gentlemen? We're not barbians we will be nice. Please talk to us.

lilolover82 29-10-2016 12:36 PM

Re: What is your gender?
This thread has went silent quickly.

BeachBall 30-10-2016 12:51 AM

Re: What is your gender?
I wonder why.

SlightlyDeflated 09-11-2016 05:53 AM

Re: What is your gender?
Male, or female, depends on the day...

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