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JR Looner 24-08-2017 05:35 AM

Full 24 hours of Balloon Fun Room Scenario
Just curious, but here is the situation.

You get 24 hours with one celebrity/famous person/person that you dream of meeting (The person does not have to be famous). (This person will not judge you, while in this room they will only enjoy your company and whatever goes on in the room.) You and that person are the only ones in this room that is only to be used for balloon/inflatable fun. There is an air compressor, a full helium tank, and an electric pump in the room. Pick one costume or set of clothing for you to wear and one costume or set of clothing for the other person. And, anything goes. What happens in this room, stays in this room.

There is the setting, now...Who do you pick to be in this 24 hours of fun room with? What 5 different types of balloons (or 5 inflatables) do you bring? What costume do you wear and what costume does the other person wear? Last question... Why did you pick the person to be in the room with you?

Though this would be a spur of the moment, kind of fun topic to toss up to all who are on this forum. You can answer or just read through the answers.

As always, Happy Looning!


wildheart 25-08-2017 05:44 PM

Re: Full 24 hours of Balloon Fun Room Scenario
I think I'd pick a looner or at least someone that has experience with the fetish. Alena (a balloon model that made videos a while ago) is one of my favourites. As for clothing I don't mind, something casual. Although something loose could be good for inflatating inside. I'd pick Q11, bb14, Q16, Q24 and GL1200 for the balloons and medium to large sized beach balls, and some inflatable dolphins, arm bands and maybe an air bed to ride everything on. I'd want to try anything and everything. Including blow to pop in each other's clothes, riding the inflatables while having a blow to pop races, sitting on the beachballs while they're on the compressor and popping the balloons in every way possible.

sonarloon 26-08-2017 04:13 PM

Re: Full 24 hours of Balloon Fun Room Scenario
Hi there,
You have inspired me to write a story based on this topic. If all goes well, you all will see it in a few days.
I've written a few stories, though I will have to ready them for posting at some point, lol.
Bye for now.

craggy2012 26-08-2017 06:39 PM

Re: Full 24 hours of Balloon Fun Room Scenario
Many years ago my partner and I put 40 odd 48 inch beachballs in a hotel room which was quite fun crawling around, climbing over and squeezing through them. A few popped which was all part of the fun, but not as much as squeezing into a walk in shower room with ten of them and getting the water really hot :)

9/11 did Bush 14-01-2018 12:08 PM

Re: Full 24 hours of Balloon Fun Room Scenario
I would pick my last girlfriend, who sort of broke up with me as she moved to Berlin about a month ago (technically we are still together, but I have planned a trip to Europe to meet with her again), running away with a few of my balloons in the process.

We both are in Overwatch costumes (I am wearing Soldier: 76 and she is wearing Tracer), underneath she is in a red and black bra with matching panties, with the ability to strip down for both of us. Yes, I am a weeb, but whatever. Balloons of choice would be Q16's, Q24's, 36 inch Cattex Longnecks, GL1200's and a climb in balloon of a decent size. Do everything a looner can do, plus this:

We would both get inside the climb in balloon naked with all the Q16's and Q24's in hand, and start blowing them up and tying them off. Soon, the entire climb in balloon is filled with these balloons, and release the air of the climb in balloon. The balloons are trapped inside the climb in balloon as it shrinks, with some popping, as they compress against our skin, all the while we are kissing and fucking. Eventually, we pop the climb in balloon , and escape with all the remaining balloons.

I didn't buy one of those climb in balloons when I was with her and I am kicking myself for not doing so. However, I now own a few

BalloonBoyUK 01-12-2018 02:47 PM

Re: Full 24 hours of Balloon Fun Room Scenario

I think I would pick spending time with any member of the opposite sex to myself, who would happily let me kiss, and cuddle them, in a room full of air-filled balloons, and would also let me watch them inflate balloons with a helium cylinder. I love watching lady balloon-decorators inflate balloons with helium. I think it's a power thing: the fact they can do the job so quickly, so efficiently, and so well.

I used to know a lady decorator - well, I still do - but she's no longer in the business, sadly. She was always the person I got in touch with to procure balloons from, and it was great. She doesn't know I have a fetish for balloons, but the fact she ran a balloon-decorating business meant she never questioned why I liked them, nor even that (as a man) I liked balloons period. To her, it was no different to a customer buying flowers from a florist, or chocolates from a sweetie shop.

Thankfully, for the last two or three years, I've paid her to do one decorating job, in my flat, each year. I get her to create a lovely 20-foot-long air-filled arch, made out of around 140 x 11" Qualatex rounds. I change it each year, but it looks spectacular, and it's a nice bit of decoration for my living room.


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