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DeppLooner 23-04-2020 01:42 PM

Re: Ever been caught?
Well actually being discovered in the act with balloons........ nope, just few normal times in my teenager years when I left some 16” balloons inflated in my room and my mother just asked about them and I told her I got them at school. Also I remember many times (6-7) where my parents found my stash, but it is easier to manage a question about: why do you have so many balloons? Where you can answer whatever you want, than answer a question like: why you were naked with so many balloons? Hahahahaha

BallonBTP 24-04-2020 02:34 PM

Re: Ever been caught?
Luckily not!

I have had a couple of near misses though. One time I was having one of my more private session, and about half a minute after the climax, which included the explosion of the balloon I had blown up too far, it was knocking at our door. It was a friend, and he was a bit stunned by having heard a huge bang while walking up the driveway. He also said that I looked as if I had seen a ghost as he put it. No wonder I did!
I said that I had been sleeping, and had woken up abruptly by “something”, and that I was a bit confused. It seemed as if he bought that. Pheeewww!


bfinch2000 27-04-2020 07:31 AM

Re: Ever been caught?
once had a very near miss. i'd just finished playing and had a very big q16 left in my room and other uninflated balloons on my bed, and had gone downstairs to the bathroom to "clean up" totally naked. then my housemate came home early from work and went upstairs to his room which is directly opposite mine. i managed to sneak back up to my room, get dressed, and remove the q16 silently ... he never said anything, but to this day i don't know if he might have gone in to say hi and seen what was there!

however i have been caught by strangers outside once or twice. both times i was just doing a blow to pop with my shirt off, and actually it was kind of a thrill because there are no repercussions with strangers :D

Yonkers Looner 22-06-2020 06:45 AM

Re: Ever been caught?

At this point, I've almost grown to accept that a few people have been 'privied' to my sexual escapades in life, most of them unwillingly on both ends. Only time I've ever explicitly told people are my 2 ex's, who were both weirded out but fed into it regardless. As a kid, literally ALL 3 of my siblings caught me at some point or another, and it never felt good. Still, that's to be expected when you live in tiny homes with big families. Worst time was when my sister caught me as a teen. Door was locked, so I had a split second to hide the 16 inch loon underneath the covers. Before I could say, "Give me a minute" she unlocked the door and swung it wide open. I have no idea where she got the bloody key from to this day. We both just stared at each other like deer in the headlights, and then the balloon, now untied, deflated loudly beneath the covers. She laughed hysterically for 5 straight minutes, and I'd never been so embarassed in my life. I didn't say a word to her for about a week, did not make eye contact, just too ashamed to even say anything:(. She was the first person to catch me like that.

On the other side of that coin, years later as a young man, me and my friends came back to my empty apartment to smoke some weed and play video games. Now my folks had been gone for the week on vacation, so I had nearly ALL my balloons inflated and they were EVERYWHERE! In my haze of being high, I'd completely forgotten this fact, and was totally fine when they suggested crashing back at my place. Gave my best friend the keys so I could haul s*** upstairs, and the look on her face was something I'll never forget. When I heard her as I was coming up the stairs, my heart just about dropped out of my ass. The reality of the situation hit me all at once, and my other 4 friends came barrelling upstairs past me to view this spectacle. "Are you having a party or something?"

Not. A. Word. I wanted to cry so badly, I nearly passed out. Guess I'm lucky to have some of the absolute best friends on this planet, cause I was teased relentlessly about it, but in a friendly way. No they didn't think less of me, they didn't go out and tell everyone about it, they just laughed it off and chalked it up to me being me. It was kind of uncomfortable, but after another bowl, it felt alright. Ever since then, I've felt a bit more comfortable with myself. I wouldn't suggest this experience for anyone, and I recommend you keep your lifestyle private, but this was just my experience.

As an added bonus, for my last bday, they got me out of the house to go liquor shopping while a few of them stayed behind to 'decorate' as it were. It was sweet, and tbh the teasing doesn't even get on my nerves anymore thanks to that. Later found out that my best friend actually already knew about this because my first ex told her not one week after I shared it with her.

wildheart 22-06-2020 10:53 AM

Re: Ever been caught?
Being discovered like that combined by the paranoia you get while stoned can’t have been fun. This is why I’d be hesitant to fill a room with balloons even if I was alone for a week.

Yonkers Looner 22-06-2020 02:51 PM

Re: Ever been caught?

Originally Posted by wildheart (Post 68883)
Being discovered like that combined by the paranoia you get while stoned can’t have been fun. This is why I’d be hesitant to fill a room with balloons even if I was alone for a week.

Tbh, I haven’t done that since then either, although the temptation is definitely there. I think my father suspects some things (he’s made cheeky offhand comments to me) but my Stepmom doesn’t know. I’ve only got one more summer in this apartment before I move, and the last thing I want is for her ultra-traditional ass to see me like that. We don’t get along very well, and her seeing that would be a death sentence.

drifloony1 22-06-2020 09:43 PM

Re: Ever been caught?

Originally Posted by Yonkers Looner (Post 68872)

Later found out that my best friend actually already knew about this because my first ex told her not one week after I shared it with her.

This is making me paranoid about telling anyone. At least your friends are mostly nice about it.

Valve Puller 23-06-2020 03:52 AM

Re: Ever been caught?

Originally Posted by lilolover82 (Post 40696)
as stated earlier growing up I had stashes discovered..always awkward.

then when my step sister found out I enjoyed playing with them and riding them down, she poked an insane amount of holes in them so they'd lose air extremely quickly. it was never enjoyable.

What type of inflatable did you have at the time?
I got caught with a beachball, inflating it.
It was a bit awkward

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