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TheGrimLooner 17-04-2017 01:41 PM

Zack Becomes a Popper
I’ve basically been writing up my fantasies while I’m riding balloons, so this story wasn’t really planned with an audience, or an ending in mind. In my fantasies, I always imagine myself to be a guy who can fuck balloons. There is an overuse of the words penis, cock and balls and there are no women in this story. So far, there is no direct sexual contact between guys either. A few laws of physics are also broken.

Synopsis: Zack, who is asexual, is afraid of sudden loud noises. One day he accidentally sits on a balloon, and he likes it so much that finds himself humping balloons until pop all evening. The next day, he visits Daniel, who is a looner. Daniel is a non-popper, and hates the thought of anyone popping balloons. But Zack can’t help himself, he fuck pops Daniel’s impressive collection of balloons as Daniel begs him to stop.

Chapter One: Zack Becomes a Popper
Zack didn’t care much for wanking. Everyone else was doing it, but to Zack, well he actually didn’t even consider it. No boys or girls attracted him, so he had nothing to wank about anyway. That was until he first sat on a balloon.

Zack had a few balloons lying around his room after a party at his place. He was putting off getting rid of them in case one popped while trying to deflate them. Zack was easily startled from loud, sudden noises, like a balloon popping so he’d rather let them just deflate on their own over time. On the other hand, they were constantly getting in the way, and he’d probably be more likely to pop one by accidently stepping on it. As it was too hard to a decision, Zack forgot about it and just left the balloons there.

As Zack got home from class, he walked straight to his room and turned the computer on straight away. As it was booting up, he removed his clothes and underwear, and tossed it aside. He went to grab some PJs from the closet, but as he noticed his computer has booted up, he thought he’d get World of Warcraft loading as there was a new patch to download. As he hastily plonked down in the chair, he managed to sit right into a balloon. Zack was caught by surprise as he felt the balloon wrap around his penis, which rapidly grew hard. He looked down to see a yellow jewel toned balloon bulging out from under him. His penis could be seen embedded firmly in the translucent balloon, straining between the forces of Zack’s weight and the tight latex. Without thinking, Zack thrust forward ever so slightly, causing his penis to twitch inside, which could be seen through the protruding neck of the balloon. A pressure built up in his balls, which made Zack bear down on the balloon in an attempt to bury his balls into the balloon along with his penis. His balls grew tight causing further strain against the latex.
A few moments later, Zack’s entire cock and balls were inside the balloon and he was sitting on it with his full weight. To Zack’s delight, his penis grew larger inside the balloon and he could see this made the balloon bulge more from under him. He found himself wishing his penis would grow so large that it would pop the balloon. But this time his balls grew larger and tighter, and before he knew it, he was overcome by an intense new sensation that flowed through his entire body. The sensation caught Zack by surprise, making him jump.

BANG! The balloon popped and Zack made a mess all over his stomach and desk. Looks like that’s what an orgasm feels like. The pleasure from it all was so intense that he had forgotten all about his little aversion to sudden loud noises. In fact, the pop caused his arousal to return something furious.

He grabbed the nearest balloon, an orange jewel tone 12 incher. He hugged it tight against his body, looking down to see how the neck bulged out. The balloon felt nice and soft against his chest. Perfect, but his penis couldn’t wait. Zack shoved the balloon on his chair and brought his arse down hard. Immediately, the balloon wrapped itself around Zack’s crotch, his balls and half of his cock forced against his body. Zack widened his legs so that he was now straddling the balloon and allowed his full body weight to rest on the balloon. Feeling the balloon at its elastic limit was so stimulating. He looked down to see the neck bulging tightly, but it was the body of the balloon that had wrapped around him like a tight saddle. It felt perfect just to sit there and feel the balloon under him. When Zack moved slightly, the soft latex perfectly caressed his balls, making his cockhead throb.

Zack’s skin begin to tingle with desire, so he grabbed a nearby balloon, another 12” jewel tone. He put it against his desk, hugged it and leaded hard into it. This balloon was more inflated than the one under him, and felt much tighter. He wanted to feel this tighter balloon under him desperately, but he also did not want to remove the balloon he was on, even for a second. Zack held on tight to his balloon while he rolled his hips around on the one under him. He wanted to be sitting on the balloon so hard that it popped, but the balloon managed to hold his weight. Zack held still while using the desk as mechanical leverage to push himself harder on the balloon. His cock and balls felt perfect, which made his entire body feel perfect. But Zack found if he kept still for too long, his body would habituate to the pleasure. But a single twitch brought it all back again. Zack had the soft balloon tease him for about 30 mins before his penis began to ache for more stimulation. He drilled his balls down into the balloon as hard as he could, stretching the balloon past its limit. The balloon popped softy, leaving Zack in his seat with a throbbing penis.

“Mmmm, finally,” Zack moaned as he gave the balloon he was holding one final squeeze against his chest. The neck barely bulged, the balloon was so tight. Zack licked his lips in anticipation as he placed the tight balloon on his chair. He hovered over the balloon and slowly lowered himself. As soon as his balls touched the balloon, they sent shivers of delight though Zack’s body. Zack jumped up in surprise, but rapidly fell back down onto the balloon. Zack growled from the sensation of the tight balloon wrapping around his crotch. The balloon creaked and groaned as it slowly enveloped his arse and forced his `penis tightly against his body.

Zack leaned forward, his penis wedged firmly between the balloon and his belly. The neck of the balloon pressed up against his cockhead. This balloon felt much tighter and more stimulating, and Zack didn’t want it to pop early. It felt perfect. But he felt himself losing control, he wanted to pound down into that balloon as hard as he could. Zack rolled his hips around very slowly but the stimulation was almost overwhelming. Zack ran his finger along the neck, and the tiny vibrations combined with the squeaky noise sent shivers through his entire body. “Fuck, this balloon is perfect, “ Zack thought as his gripped his desk. He looked down, watching how perfectly the translucent balloon was bulging out between his legs. He noticed his balls were firmly inside the balloon.

Zack could not stop himself from drilling his balls down into the balloon like he had the previous one. The balloon didn’t pop, instead the neck pressed hard right under his cockhead. Zack screamed as a stream of cum shot into the air. He bucked his hips as each stream launched, and then he’d land back onto the balloon just as the next stream launched. Finally, the balloon popped, and a piece of the leftover latex landed right on top of his penis, covering it. Zack lay back in his chair, spent.

After several minutes rest, Zack grabbed a larger clear balloon, held it against the desk and rested on it. He rubbed his cheeks on it first, before hugging it tighter. It wasn’t long before Zack was rock hard again. He placed the balloon on the chair and hovered over it, aiming his penis at it. He sat down on the balloon, watching as his penis twitched from side to side as it was being completely enveloped by the balloon. Finally, it has sprung up inside the neck. The neck bulged out pointing slightly away from his stomach with his penis running perfectly parallel inside it. His balls gradually followed his penis inside the balloon with little intervention from Zack. He grunted as he felt and saw the balloon bulge out further from his invading cock and balls. Every tiny movement from Zack caused his penis to twitch which made the straining latex tug and pull at his penis and balls, with caused his penis to twitch even more. It was a wonderful feedback loop.

Zack sat back enjoying the sensations and the sight of his penis and balls inside the balloon. He was surprised he hasn’t cum yet as the feelings were even more intense than before. Zack wiggled from side to side on the balloon. His penis was still growing. How was it possible to get even more aroused? Zack didn’t worry about it too much as the balloon caressed his entire crotch. The pressure against his balls felt incredible. As Zack looked closely, he was so deep into the balloon that his balls were only about an inch from the bottom of the chair. He lost complete track of time as he watched his cock and balls throb in the straining latex.

It wasn’t long before Zack had come four times and has his cock and balls fully submerged in the 15th balloon. His arousal showed no signs of letting up. With each orgasm, Zack could tolerate more and more stimulation without coming again. He wanted to leave his penis in the balloon forever. This time, Zack was on the floor with his balloon, rocking back and forth on it furiously. His penis danced around inside the balloon but it demanded more stimulation. Zack leaned back, shifting his weight to the back of the balloon. The neck protruded further out, towards the ceiling with his penis seen inside it. He threw his head back and growled, overcome by the sensations coming from his entire crotch. He grabbed the neck and squeezed tight, causing his penis to shudder with delight, before the balloon popped. Zack couldn’t bear to have his penis outside of a balloon, so he immediately leapt onto the next balloon.

Zack’s entire cock and balls had sunk into a tight pink balloon. The neck budged out from the front and the back of the balloon pressed into his ass. The more weight he put on the balloon, the more translucent the latex became, and the more the neck budged out. And the closer the balloon came to popping. And the closer the balloon came to popping, the more stimulation Zack’s cock and balls received. Thus he quickly began to learn that the intention to pop a balloon = sexual stimulation and not fear. While the pop made the wonderful stimulation go away, the sensations leading up to it were so incredible he had to try and pop the balloon. The closer the balloon got to popping, the better his penis felt. Once the balloon did actually pop, he was onto the next one.

Zack bounced up and down on the pink balloon, making the neck grow and shrink with each bounce. The pressure on his penis grew with each bounce. Yet the more the balloon constricted his cock and balls the harder they got. His penis violently twitched towards his stomach, the sudden movement caused the balloon to pop. Zack came a fountain at the sight of his penis popping the balloon from within.

It was getting late and Zack was starting to become exhausted. He forced his cock and balls into the tightest balloon he had left. He took the balloon to bed, lying on top of it. Zack fell asleep with the balloon still wrapped around him.

TheGrimLooner 17-04-2017 01:44 PM

Re: Zack Becomes a Popper
Chapter Two: Don't Pop my Balloons Bro!

Zack hid his stiff cock in his pants all day. He was rather distracted, and couldn’t be bothered learning anything. Unless it made his penis feel good, it didn’t really matter. One thing did, and that was the thought of visiting Daniel for their usual e-sports practice session. Daniel also shared Zack’s phobia of popping balloons. But strangely, he always kept a lot of balloons in his room. He had some sort of fascination with them, and this time, Zack was interested in finding out exactly what that was.

Daniel always felt safe when Zack came to visit to play some vidya, because he knew Zack wouldn’t touch his balloons. All his other friends liked to pop the balloons, so he’d hide them away if another friend had to visit, but he didn’t have to worry about Zack.
Zack penis twitched about in his boxers as he thought of Daniel’s reaction upon seeing his penis tear his balloons apart. He zoned out completely on what the information technology professor was saying, despite the fact he was the best in class.

As soon as the two boys arrived home, Daniel booted up his Nintendo so they could practice for the state Mario Kart tourney. Zack had other things on his mind as he saw countless balloons scattered throughout his room. Daniel had a much larger variety of balloons than Zack did. Daniel was focused on setting up the game, which was ironically the balloon battle. Meanwhile, Zack eyed off which balloon he was going to stimulate himself with first. He saw himself a beautiful tight 16” yellow jewel toned balloon, probably Qualatex, though he didn’t know about the different types of balloon yet. It was so over inflated that the neck was already bulging from the air inside of it. Zack’s cock was rock hard staring at the over inflated balloon, imaging it pushing up against his balls.

“Be right back, just going to grab some Mountain Dew,” Daniel announced. Perfect, Zack thought to himself as his penis begged to be inside that Qualatex.

As soon as Daniel closed the door behind him, Zack ripped his pants and boxes off. He positioned that wonderfully translucent tight yellow balloon over Daniel’s bed and began to force his penis inside it. The balloon was so tight Zack has trouble getting himself in. Zack rocked back and forth, pointing his penis down into the middle of the balloon. The sensation of the tight latex pushing back against his penis made him harder, until eventually the tip finally breached the latex, pushing it inwards. Even with just the tip inside, the neck was bulging out so much that it was becoming round like the body of the balloon itself. Fuck, that was hot to see for Zack. This balloon could pop any second but all Zack wanted was his entire cock and balls to be inside that balloon. The sensation of the balloon around his cockhead felt amazing, and trying to push the rest of himself in felt even better.

Eventually, Zack realized he needed to try a different way. He lifted his body up so that his cockhead was barely in contact with the balloon, but positioned above it. Then he slammed down, bringing all his body weight down onto the balloon. To Zack’s delight, he watched as his penis shuddered and twitched about as it slowly forced its way through the tight latex. As each inch of his penis entered, the balloon bulged out further. His balls quickly followed and were completely engulfed by the balloon, which was now pushing up hard against his taint. Zack lost all muscle tone and collapsed from the pleasure of his entire penis being surrounded by the sexiest and tightest balloon he’d ever seen. He couldn’t believe the balloon was still holding out. Zack lay perfectly still as he watched his penis danced about from the tension it was withstanding inside that balloon. First, his penis was slowly forced back towards his arse, and then once it built up enough tension, suddenly shot forward like a rubber band towards his stomach and the neck of the balloon, where it flittered about from side to side.

Zack sat up on the bed, dangling his feet towards the floor so he could put his entire body weight onto the balloon. He sat perfectly still, watching his penis continue tense from side to side with each breath inside the bulging neck, which made his balls begin to tighten. It wasn’t long before Zack lost all awareness of his surroundings, fully drawn in to the feeling of the balloon getting tighter and tighter on his cock and balls. The visual to go with it was also incredible. He could see the shape of his entire cock and balls wrapped completely and tightly in latex, his cockhead pointing up directly at the knot. The balloon looked like it was frozen a single frame before a pop.

“Zack, no!” Daniel’s shrill cry broke the thought, “you’re gonna pop that balloon!” Daniel covered his ears. But Zack’s penis instinctively thrust forward, burying itself and tightening the latex further. He would have come right there if it wasn’t for yesterday’s extended session allowing him to tolerate more pleasure.

"Don't pop my balloons bro!" Daniel screamed.

Daniel was stunned. “What are you doing?’ he asked meekly. Daniel was terrified of the balloon popping. At the same time, he couldn’t believe Zack also got sexual stimulation from balloons, he thought he was the only one that felt that way out of the boys he knew. But it didn’t matter. Daniel was strictly a non-popper and he hated anyone getting off on popping balloons. That was disgusting. Popping a beautiful balloon on purpose is just plain wrong. When he was younger, he had this belief that balloons had something like a soul, and that he needed to save balloons from being popped. Daniel had some of his latex lovers for months and he was especially shocked because he knew Zack was afraid of balloons popping.

“Mmmm, making my penis feel real good,” Zack mumbled in ecstasy.

“You don’t have to do it that way!” Daniel protested, “you’ll make it pop”. Zack let out a small chuckle. It didn’t matter anymore if the balloon popped. All that mattered was the feeling of tight latex pulling and tugging at his cock and balls, and pressing up against his taint and arse.

“Fuck this balloon is sooo tight,” Zack moaned as his penis thrashed about inside of it, “my cock is on fire!”. Daniel had over inflated a few balloons so they’d deflate to regular size in a few months when he was ready to play with them. He loved the feeling of soft gentle latex on his skin, and old balloons barely made a noise when accidental pops happened so they were safe.

Zack beared down as hard as he could with his weight, forcing his arse and balls further into the balloon towards the bed. Daniel covered his ears. The balloon was completely wrapped around Zack between his crotch, with his penis throbbing inside the neck. Zack’s cockhead also bulged. His precum was stuck inside his penis, which caused the most wonderful sensation. Zack almost hoped that his own balls would burst when trying to cum.

Zack licked his lips, “do you think I would remove my penis from this wonderful situation it has gotten itself into just because this pathetic balloon might pop?” Zack couldn’t keep his eyes off his penis. The way his cockhead bulged like the neck of the balloon, the way his penis pulled at the latex, each twitch threatening to pop the balloon. And how his balls were perfectly surrounded by latex, squeezing them harder than the skin of his scrotum ever could. His cock and balls were twice the size they were yesterday. Daniel watched on in horror, then turned around and covered his ears.

Zack moaned in ecstasy as a slight subconscious shifting of his weight forced his penis out of the neck and towards his arse. His cockhead slightly brushed against the wall of the balloon, sending shivers of delight all throughout his body. Poor Daniel didn’t know what to do but to take quick peeks with hands over his ears.

Zack couldn’t believe the balloon was lasting so long. But he didn’t stay on that thought for long, as the stimulation from having his penis bent backwards while precum was building up inside it was incredible. And the way the balloon bulged out from under him felt way too good.

“Zack, stop!” Daniel cried out in panic. Daniel’s fear of the balloon popping made it all the more exciting for Zack, who was reminded of what a sissy he used to be before fucking balloons.

“Oh YESSSS! This balloon is SO tight! My cock is on fire! Oh God, it feels so good,“ Zack called out the iteration that was going on inside his mind. His penis overcame the tension inside the balloon and suddenly flung back into the neck.

BANG! The balloon burst and Zack shot a load towards the roof of Daniel’s room. Daniel immediately got to the ground as if he was at war and being fired upon. After a few moments, he peaked up and saw Zack had cum, and sighed with relief. Hopefully Zack’s penis was satisfied so he needn’t pop any more balloons. But he spoke too soon, as he noticed the neck of a small old 12” red balloon around Zack’s hard penis like it was a cocksleave. To Zack, the soft latex was a wonderful contrast to the tight balloon he had before. Zack watched as his penis thrashed about inside the balloon before it turned the balloon to shreds. He sat on Daniels bed, feeling how long he could withstand the desire building up in his penis. Daniel begged him to stop popping balloons, but this caused the desire to increase much faster.

This time, Zack grabbed a tight 12” pink balloon and sat down on it, leaning backwards. The latex stretched tightly against his arsehole as the neck protruded out from under his butt. Zack wiggled about so his balls were fully inside the pink balloon while his penis remained outside. This made his penis feel desperate to be in the balloon. The balloon was so tight on his balls that the latex surrounded each ball perfectly. This stimulation caused his balls to grow larger and tighter, and combined from the feelings from his penis, to sit as hard as he could on the balloon. Finally, the latex began to surround the base of his penis, which drove his cockhead wild, causing it to twitch about in the air. He moaned and rocked from side to side, anything to increase the stimulation. His balls shuddered with delight as the neck of the balloon pushed tighter against his ass.

Zack wondered if Daniel’s popping phobia would be cured if he could only feel what it’s like to have his penis inside a balloon. But at this stage, Daniel was sitting on the floor with his head in his hands. He wanted to stay in the room to try save his balloons but he wanted to leave so he didn’t have to watch their destruction.

Zack continued to bounce on the tight balloon, each bounce causing the neck to pop out further and further until the balloon popped and shredded latex flew across the room. Zack dove off the bed and landed on another balloon. Instantly that balloon had perfectly wrapped itself around his cock and balls within a second. Zack screamed in pleasure as he thrust his hand underneath the balloon and squeezed hard until it popped.

gayloonfcker 17-04-2017 08:41 PM

Re: Zack Becomes a Popper
Please post more!!! :D

blnppr 18-04-2017 01:22 AM

Re: Zack Becomes a Popper
This is awesome stuff! Thanks

gayloonfcker 10-05-2017 06:51 PM

Re: Zack Becomes a Popper
When are we getting more? I want guy to guy contact in this story ;)

Enigma 06-09-2017 09:19 AM

Re: Zack Becomes a Popper
Good Story

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