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Balloonboobs69 25-08-2017 09:24 PM

The first time I shared my balloon fetish
I've only shared my balloon fetish twice with the same person. It started with me laying in bed at night thinking, I've always had a balloon fetish probably sense I was 5 when I very first discovered it I've kept it a secret even from friends and family. I would lay there and wonder if there would be anyone I could trust if I to illuminate such a unknown and perhaps unfamiliar thing such as my balloon fetish. I had plans to go and hang out with a neighborhood friend at the time I was in fourth grade and he was in second grade we went to the same elemtrey school. We walked home from school all the time and he wanted to meet up this weekend to hang out. The next day after school I got home and went to my room to put my back pack away and change. I ended up taking two uninflated balloons with me. Til this day I can't figure what compelled me to do so. There was a unvacant home for sale, the previous visitors left the back door open wide. We went inside to explore the empty two story house we made are way up stairs. We where exploring the rooms suddenly something triggered me I felt in way frisky my blood pressure rose I felt my penis stiff hard immediately " I don't think I can handle this" I screamed in my head I then took the two
I began blowing both of them. My friend came into the room I was in and saw me he frozed and stared. He had basketball shorts on and he had an erection. The balloons I had at the time where 18" balloons. I then squished them together and pushed them up his crotch hard and began smothering and rubbing them in circles into his crotch. I stopped outta of fear that crossed the line. He actually didn't mind and encouraged me to do it again, I then squish those balloons between his buldge tightly, he was stiff between those balloons for I could feel them squished between them, he then slide both shorts and his underwear he was stiff and hard and his balls where bloated. I began smothering and pressing my left balloon tit into his crotch, he began to grunt and moan as I rubbed and pressed it deeper squeeking from the good rubbing I was giving him. His knees began to buckle from the satisfied of a pair of latex rubber tits smooshing and squishing the balloons squeeking between his cock he moan from the athrodesisac going through his brain. He laid on the floor, I then grabbed another balloon and I put it on top of his hard cock and I lined the other two on my chest like a pair of breast and I got on top of him I was humping the balloons snugged between his shaft and balls he began to moan louder and louder he then climaxed as I was arousing him after an hour or so we where done, I then deflated the balloons and walked out of that vacant house hot and sweaty.

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