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Enigma 26-01-2018 07:08 PM

How I became a Male Looner Part 4 (True Story)
I walk over to Jake and sat down, legs crossed beside him to help. "There are a few 24" inch quad latex balloons in my brown bag. The one with the long mouthpiece." said Jake. I grab a few, took the balloons out of the bag, use Roy's pump and put the mouthpiece into the nozzle balloon pump, turned on the switch, inflated it carefully, tied the mouthpiece and took out another "24" latex balloon. "Thank,s," said Jake. "No problem", I said. Blake nudges me with his elbow. I turn around. He bends his knees to hand me a cups of red wine and Jake. "Oh, thanks, Blake," I said. I chug it down.

My mouth was dry from the salty Utz potato chips. "Thanks, Blake", said Jake. Blake looked at Zack and Danny. "You two loon lovers want some red wine?" said Blake. Zack and Danny ignore him while they were on top of each other, holding each other bodies bouncing the Jumbo "36" inch yellow balloon with passion and aggression. "Whew, Ughhhhhh......mmmm damn Danny you are a good humping me down. Why can you do this to me more often?" said Danny. Danny said with a soothing voice in Zack's ear, "Well Zack I am an amazing thumper. I can make you go crazy..." " Find a way to make me go crazy." said Zack in an aggressive tone." Zack lifts his bubble butt into Danny's happy sack, rubbing it up, down, up, with his fitted jeans on. Danny lifts his eyes with ecstatic energy flowing through his spirit.

"Oh, you are asking for it. You and this damn balloon will feel my humping wrath." "Rwaaar." Danny took a big leap and slammed Zack's bubble butt making the ballon going deeper and deeper into the core. Danny bounced it to the left then right, sliding down the living room floor. Blake swats his hands with a "whatever" and grab his own drink on the table and sat down with us. Roy came downstairs from the bathroom and into the living room.

Roy sees Danny and Zack on top of the Jumbo "36" yellow bouncy balloon going insane, watching them deforming the balloon with great force. "Wow those two are going at it," he said with excitement. Me, Blake and Jake turned our head at Zack and Danny and then back to working on the inflating balloons. I stopped inflating balloons again and turn around and watch them working out on the balloon. "Yeah this big......round....." said Danny as he spiked hump the balloon with a thumping squeaky sound the balloon makes along with Zack. Roy laughed. " Well, you two boys have your fun on the balloon. "Hehe thanks!" said Danny. Danny giggled with excitement. Roy walked over to the table and grab a cup of wine and sat down and help me, Jake and Blake with the balloons.

"Zack comes on show me what you can do with this balloon," said Danny. "You want to be on the bottom of the balloon?" said Zack. "yes," said Danny. "Let me take off my shirt," said Zack. Zack and Danny slide off the balloon. The Yellow Jumbo balloon was deformed like a bean from their bodies with their incredible bounce. Zack took off his shirt quickly as Danny watched him. "Wow, Zack you got a nice bubble butt in those fitted jeans" as Danny walked up to Zack took his hands on the side of his butt cheek and squeezed it. Zack turns around and smiles at Danny. "You got a bubble butt as well" as he squeezed Danny side of his butt cheek. Danny giggled. Both of them now shirtless but with jeans on. They hold hands and walked with to grab their cup of red wine from the table and chugged it.

Then they looked at each other with excitement. "Let me show you what I CAN do!" said Zack. "Give it your all," said Danny. Zack grabs and lifts Danny's butt. Danny crosses his legs around Zack's torso. " Let's go for a ride," said Zack. Zack and Danny started to kiss each other hard on the lips and making popping sounds. Zack kissed and sucked Danny's neck, up to his cheek, sucked his ear, and licked all over faces. Danny grab Zack's brown hair with his hand, licked down his neck with passion, kissed and sucked his face. They both stopped. Zack walked around us again, up to the deformed Jumbo yellow balloon. Zack slumps down on the balloon with a strong thump and squeaks sound along with Danny.

The balloon was so bouncy and deep, you could not see Zack and Danny downward, but upward they come back out of the balloon in midair. Then back down repeatedly with aggression. "Wow," I thought. Roy put his arm around me. He spooked me. He said in a whisper so Blake and Jake don't hear him, "You okay with them humping like that? I can stop them if you want me to if you still need to overcome your fear of loud pop" he said with a worried face. "No no I'm okay, thanks for asking.

I need to overcome this fear." I said with confidence. Roy smiled and said with a breath of relief, "Good, now let's start inflating these balloons." "Okay," I said. I thought to myself,"I need not stress out Roy.

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