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CuteBalloon84 27-01-2018 11:09 PM

My Ultimate Balloon Dream still...
Especially last two days I have been thinking, What i still want to do or achieve with balloons as an ultimate dream of experience.

I believe the biggest latex balloon in the world is 96" balloon of high quality, which extremely durable and can hold at least the weight of two people.
The thing I never did or never had the chance to do yet is the following..please let me know what you think.

My ultimate dream is to have two 96"balloons fully inflated in a room that is full with different sizes and colours of balloons in all shapes. To be there with someone else male/female to make this possible and have a suit that is at least 5 metres wide so 2.5 metres to the front and 2.5m metres to the back.

This suit needs to consist of two pieces, so pants and shirt but they both attach to each other and can be sealed. So the shirt would be able to attach to pants with buttons/zipper and the shirt would close from the backside with buttons and a zipper.

The one thing that makes my mind go crazy is to filled/stuffed by someone completely to the limit with balloons, so I would be like a giant balloon in shape of 5 metres wide. My hands and feet would be enclosed/tied by the suit, so I am unable to move or anything.

As an extra, I think it would be nice to have perhaps four holes, two on the front and two on the back that are strong enough and sewed. Which makes it possible to put in a giant balloon in each hole that can be inflated to put extra pressure on the suit and the balloons against my body.

This can never be achieved alone in anyway possible..then I would like to be put on a 96" Balloon with my back and have straps underneath it that you use for a trailer to tighten to stuff on it.

Then I would like to the other 96" balloon to be placed on top of me, so I am stuck completely between the two balloons and my suit.
Obviously in practice this would be weird or nearly impossible as there is quite a distance between the two with me wearing the suit.

However I dont think its not possible with the right effort, to have everything so the balloon under me, the suit and the balloon on top me of me squashed together.

So with the straps around it to tighten it completely on top of me so I am squashed together between everything and trapped like a sheep.

It excites me to think about this and it would be incredibly horny if this was done in a way that I would have to stay in between by force until I cum multiple times and have to sleep like that forced by the other person.

Anyways just a dream...

Happy Looning

Bubble Boy :-P 28-01-2018 04:08 AM

Re: My Ultimate Balloon Dream still...
Omg, CuteBalloon :p
That sounds super amazing & crazy hot!:D I would freakin LOVE to be stuffed in a big suit with balloons like that!:D

If you ever get a suit like that custom made I'd be glad to stuff you with the balloons until you were stuck in the suit:p I'll even provide the balloons :D But I'm warning you...dont be in proximity to any helium tanks...because the impulse to fill the balloons with helium & watch you float up would be just too much to resist! ;)

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