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Harley 14-02-2018 12:50 AM

Valentine's story
New short story at

See pages 7-11 for nothing but balloon sex scenes.:)

Bubble Boy :-P 14-02-2018 01:29 AM

Re: Valentine's story
I wish I were the balloons in the story!!!:p:p;)

ChillinHaze 15-02-2018 01:04 AM

Re: Valentine's story
Gosh Harley, you outdid yourself again! I need to get some balloon hearts for me and my girl, asap.

loonlover817 15-02-2018 02:42 AM

Re: Valentine's story
dude yess can u hit me up with a gf and heart balloon? I wish I was the guy in the story lol. can u make that into a porno?

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