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tasgor 18-09-2018 12:21 PM

Andy and Janet Ch 1-The Date
Here is my first go at a story. This one is a little more setup to introduce the characters for future stories. Let me know what you think.


Andy sat in his office staring at the numbers on the spreadsheet that filled his screen. It was late Friday afternoon, but he was not looking forward to the weekend. Ever since he and his fiance had broken up two years ago, he had gone on a series of unsuccessful blind dates. He was lucky that he had great friends who wanted to help him, but the whole blind date carousel was wearing thin.

Finally, with a sigh, Andy stood up from his desk and stretched. “I guess I can’t avoid it any longer,” he thought. Julie, the IT director and the person responsible for the night’s setup, glanced up and smiled. Seeing his face, and sensing how he was feeling, she motioned him over. “Andy, how long have we known each other?”

“Since college, so around ten years,” he replied carefully.

“Who set me up with my husband?”

“Now, that’s not fair! I had known Bill since elementary school and I knew you two would hit it off.”

“Exactly,” she replied, sitting back in her chair with a self satisfied grin. “Of all the people who introduced friends, relatives, or their dog groomers for you to take out on dates, I was the only one who didn’t participate. Did you ever wonder why?”

“Well, I just figured you didn’t have someone who would be a good match.”

“Or,” she said as she stood up and grabbed her briefcase, “I had the perfect person, but I wanted to wait until you were ready. I mean, it took you almost a year to get over….” Julie paused dramatically, and gave a hair flip that was a perfect imitation of his former fiance Robin’s signature move.

Andy winced, and sighed. “All right, point taken. I’ll give her a chance.”

“That’s all I can ask for. But keep in mind if you don’t like her, I might revoke your XBox and craft beer privileges when you come over for dinner on Sunday,” she stated very seriously, before breaking into an evil grin.

Andy had to laugh. “Alright, alright! I’ll be good, I promise.”

Later, as he stood waiting to meet his date, he looked out at the gardens and smiled. He loved the botanical gardens, especially at sunset. He had never taken a date here before, and Robin hadn’t been a fan, the one time he had been able to drag her here. But somehow, because Julie had insisted that he would like this woman, he thought it was worth a shot.

“Andy?” a voice asked, jarring him out of his thoughts. He turned quickly, stumbled over the lip of the granite step, and was suddenly in the arms of the woman he could only hope was his date.

“I guess you must be Janet?” He managed to get his feet under him, and stood up. “If not, I probably owe you a drink for saving me from face planting on the flagstones.”

As she replied, he got his first real look at her, and was captivated by the big smile that broke out across her face. “Luckily I am, but let's take a walk through the flowers and build up a thirst. Then you can repay me for my daring rescue.” With that, she took his arm, and proceeded down the path.

Over the next few hours, he was pleased to discover that she was very easy to talk to and that they shared a number of interests. More importantly, though, he found himself totally at ease, in a way that he hadn’t felt in a long time. Eventually, they made their way to a bench that overlooked the city. They sat quietly, sipping glasses of wine, enjoying the vista.

Finally, Janet broke the silence. “I guess Julie told you that she’s known me for a long time. She probably didn’t tell you that I’ve had trouble finding the right person when it comes to dating. I’ve really enjoyed myself tonight, and I like you a lot…”

Andy looked over at her as she sat, not meeting his eyes, and realized she was having a difficult time. He was puzzled. However, his heart skipped a beat as she reached into her purse and pulled out a pink balloon. Ever since he was young, balloons had excited him. The thrill of watching them get bigger, the uncertainty as they approached their limits, wondering if they would pop…

“Julie said I could trust you, and after some of my dating experiences, I decided to just get this out of the way early. That way if you want to leave, I don’t get my heart broken again.”

With that, she put the balloon to her mouth, took a deep breath, and blew into the balloon. Instantly, the latex began to expand. He sat mesmerized, as she put breath after breath into the balloon. He felt a stirring in his pants, and realized he was hard as a rock. Seeing his transfixed expression, Julie pinched the neck of the balloon, and smiled at him. “Doing ok?”

“More than ok,” he responded breathlessly. With that reply, her captivating smile broke back across her face. He noticed that her nipples were clearly visible under her red silk blouse, and that her face was a little flushed.

She put a several more breaths into the balloon. He watched the latex stretch, and the pink color fade as it got tighter and tighter. When the neck began to appear, she stopped again. “Julie knew about my fetish, and how it had made dating hard. Apparently she had noticed a few times over the years, at parties, that you were a little more interested in the balloons than most people. I’ve met several great guys over the years, but they were always put off by my desire to involve balloons in the bedroom.”

She put the balloon back up to her lips, and put two more breaths in. The neck of the balloon stretched out, pushing up against her lips.

At this point, Andy’s heart was racing, and the excitement, tinged with fear, was almost overwhelming. Her hand found his, and she smiled as her warm fingers encircled it.

“I like to pop them,” she said quietly. “Do you want to see me pop it?”

“Yes!” he exclaimed, surprising himself. Popping balloons had always scared him, but right now the idea of watching her add more breaths to this balloon until it couldn’t take anymore, and burst, was the sexiest thing he could imagine.

She squeezed his hand and blew another breath into the balloon. The body of the balloon stretched further, its light bulb shape expanding. The latex was so stretched that the pink had faded to the point he could see right through the balloon. He knew it couldn’t take much more.

Janet seemed to sense this too, and she squeezed his hand tightly as she blew another breath into the balloon. The balloon, having reached its limit, quivered as it struggled to contain the air she was adding, before finally shattering into a million pieces with a colossal “BOOM”.

As the pieces rained down, Janet leaned forward, wrapped her arms around Andy, and kissed him hard. “I think I’d like to see you again,” she said with a grin, as she broke the kiss.

Andy, his ears ringing from the balloon’s titanic burst, and his body tingling from the kiss, could only nod and smile.

Bobywan 19-09-2018 01:19 AM

Re: My First Story
I love it! Can't wait to read the next chapters. It might be nice to have more physical description of your characters though, just to help us visualise what's going on :)

Joe Sixpanel 19-09-2018 05:19 AM

Re: My First Story
Great read! Although, at the end, I think you meant to write that Janet - not Julie - leaned forward to kiss him.
I'm curious to know why Janet has a balloon fetish.

tasgor 19-09-2018 03:30 PM

Re: My First Story
Shouldn't EVERYONE have a balloon fetish? LOL. You are correct, it should have been Janet, not Julie. I blame my editor!

tasgor 19-09-2018 03:36 PM

Re: My First Story
Bobywan, I went back and forth on that as I was writing it. What I was trying to do was emphasize that it was the person, with the balloon fetish layered on top, that he was attracted to. It may not have been a good narrative choice, but I did think about it. There will be more descriptions as the stories progress, though.

Phips 20-09-2018 07:20 PM

Re: My First Story
Great Story! Really looking foreward to seeing more balloon play between the two of them and get to know the background of Janet's fetish :D

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