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wildheart 18-10-2018 09:25 PM

Jenny takes control + teaser
Another story based on Jenny. In this one, Jenny has had enough of always being the submissive one. Girls had always teased her with balloons. Not today, Jenny’s found someone else with a fear of balloons. She finally has a chance to find out how it feels to be in control for once. You can read it here.

Let me know what you think. The next one might be with Jenny and Winter or I could go back to one of the other characters. What do you guys think?

BlowAndInhale 18-10-2018 11:31 PM

Re: Jenny takes control
Based on the ending to this story, I’d very much like to see what happens next with Jenny and Winter.

wildheart 20-10-2018 08:35 PM

Re: Jenny takes control
Here’s a quick teaser to the next story. It’s going to be a good one. Be sure to read Jenny’s story if you haven’t already. Everything will make more sense then. all my stories are conveniently located here if you’ve missed any. Here’s the teaser.

Jenny had gone through all the possible scenarios that could happen while waiting for Winter to arrive. She had rehearsed what to say and got it all planned out. But as soon as Winter had knocked on the door, she had forgotten everything.

She had invited her in and now Winter was staring at her, curiously.

“What’s up Jenny? We haven’t spoken in ages, and now you invite me round out the blue. Don’t look so nervous, I’m not going to do anything.”

Jenny takes a balloon out of her pocket and quickly hands it to Winter. She doesn’t know why she’s got so nervous all of a sudden. She’s not scared of balloons like she used to be. It must be the memory of the last time Winter popped balloons.

Would she torture me with them like before? Jenny wonders. I really hope she does. She thinks.

“What’s this?” Winter asks, taking the balloon. “Do you want me to blow it up? Are you still scared of them popping?” She asks, stretching the balloon. “I won’t pop it if you don’t want me to. I learnt my lesson. I’ll never forget you holding me down while Amber kept blowing that balloon bigger and bigger. I didn’t think she’d pop it because you were there. I was wrong, wasn’t I. Scared the life out of me. Then you made her do it again. I did deserve it though, after what I did to you. Come on Jenny, you’ve barely said a word since I’ve been here.”

“Blow it till it pops!” Jenny blurts out.

“What, really? Won’t it scare you? After everything I did to you, I’m surprised you want me anywhere near a balloon.”

“Do it again. What you did that first night.” Says Jenny. She’s already shaking at the thought of it.

“You want me to torture you until you cry? Why? Did you enjoy it or something? I’ll do it if you really want. I’d rather not though. I felt so bad after I went home. Sure, some of it was fun, but I went too far.”

“Please.” Jenny begs.

“You want it that bad? Problem is, if you suddenly decide you want me to stop, I might not be able to. You know what I’m like when I get started.”

“I don’t want you to stop.”

“Well okay then... Do you know why I did it? At first I just wanted to tease you. Then I started to enjoy being able to make you scared so easily. I was actually pretty scared myself. You worked that one out and punished me for it later. Even though it scared me, I loved how much more fearful you were. I was completely in control and it actually started turning me on. The more scared you got, the hornier I grew. Seeing the fear I had put in your eyes, made me really excited. It got to the point where I didn’t care what you were feeling. Are you really sure you want me to do that again? They’ll be no going back, you know that don’t you? Amber won’t be here to stop me this time.”

Jenny just nods her head. She wanted this. Badly. She’d been fantasising about it ever since that first night.

“I’ll do it, but first, tell me why.” Winter says.

“It made me really horny.” Jenny replies.

“Did it now? Is that why you started kissing me halfway through? I thought that was just a distraction to stop me. But you burst into tears when Amber rescued you. You can’t have been enjoying it that much.”

“I hated it but I kept fantasising about you doing it again. The next morning, I put a balloon next to your bed, hoping you’d pop it. When you blew it up, I got scared again and wanted you to stop though.” Jenny explains. There was no point keeping it secret now.

“I remember that. I stopped though, I could see you were scared. Did you want me to keep going?” Winter asks.

“Not at the time. But after you went, I wished you did.”

“How did you feel when I did all those blow to pops later? I got you off too, didn’t I. I suppose it’s no surprise that you get horny thinking about it. I do too.”

“I was scared as well. I wanted you to stop. But you didn’t.”

“Sorry about that.”

“No, I liked it. Not at the time, but afterward I wanted you to do it again. It’s confusing. You never did though.”

“And that’s why you invited me around. You finally got the courage to ask. Have you really been wanting me to do this for all this time? I wish you’d asked sooner. If you explained earlier, we could have done it loads of times. I wouldn’t have felt so bad either. Okay, lets do it. Erm, just asking now, what happens if you really want me to stop? Because if you start begging, I’m not going to stop am I?”

“You don’t stop. Whatever happens.” Says Jenny. She wanted this to be real. Like before. If Winter would stop if she asked, it wouldn’t be as scary.

“Even if you burst into tears or something?” Winter asks.

“If I do, just keep doing whatever you’re doing. If I start crying, you’re obviously doing something right.” Jenny wanted to be as scared as she was that first night. She remembers how wet she’d been after Amber rescued her. She wanted that again.

“I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be with that. How can I possibly feel good while you’re sobbing?”

“It didn’t stop you before.” Jenny replies.

“True. I was drunk then though. I wasn’t myself.”

“Then get drunk now if you need to. At least now you’ll know I’m enjoying it. Or at least I’ll enjoy looking back on it.”

“Okay, lets see how it goes. If you cry too much, I’ll drink until I don’t care anymore. Should we have a safe word in case it’s too much?” Winter Asks.

“No. Knowing I can’t stop you, makes it more exciting.”

“Last chance. Once I put my lips to this balloon, there’s no going back.”

“Do it.” This was it, the moment she’s been craving for ages. Winter puts her lips to the balloon and blows.

BlowAndInhale 20-10-2018 09:22 PM

Re: Jenny takes control
I seriously said “Oh my God.” out loud at just that teaser. Can’t wait to read as Winter blows up the balloon. Already imagining hard, powerful breaths.

tasgor 21-10-2018 05:32 PM

Re: Jenny takes control
Wildheart, been enjoying your stories. Keep up the good writing. I also like the teaser idea. I'm going to steal...I mean borrow...that for my stories! :)

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