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loonerfun00 06-11-2018 08:48 PM

trying to write a story.
i have an idea in mind and i'd like to translate it into a story, but i might need some help or advise. Should i make a deviant art account? literotica? or just post it here? i might need some opinions on that.

why do i want to write a story?

well , i just think there isn't enough stories related to our fetish , or i just read them all... who knows :p (lykr stopped, perchedontheloon stopped, blowhyoooge disappeared, the only survivor is wildheart and who knows when he'll stop too.) there is an archive of balloon fetish related stories on chipple
and i read them all. all deviant art stories read too. there are none left. (at this point i'm just left with body inflation stories which i'm not interested in)

my story will consist of a semi popper male who got into a relationship with a female non looner who had a unique childhood involving tons of balloons and balloons popping.

English is my 3rd language, i will do my best at keeping a nice and clean grammar.

BlowAndInhale 06-11-2018 11:53 PM

Re: trying to write a story.
I would say just post it here. If you need inspiration, tasgor has been doing some amazing work.

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