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Gray A Loon 17-01-2019 11:17 AM

The Blow to Pop
“Ellen, are you still afraid of balloons?”
Ellen’s heart quickened at the unexpected, and random, question. She turned to face her friend Sophie, who was sitting next to her on the couch. The girls had been best friends since kindergarten, and were having a movie night. But Sophie’s question, which, it seemed, had come completely out of the blue, had caught Ellen off guard, and not in a good way.
Ellen frowned, and nodded her head. “Wh-why?”
“No reason,” Sophie replied. But the truth was, there was a reason. Because while Ellen was afraid of balloons, Sophie was turned on by them, although she’d never told anyone this, not even Ellen. Especially not Ellen. But she’d had a long-standing, raging fantasy of having some innocent fun with her friend’s phobia. Well, innocent for her, anyway. And tonight, she was determined to bring her fantasy to life.
Nervously, Sophie reached into her pocket, and pulled out an uninflated pink balloon. She hid it out of Ellen’s sight. She knew she would tell her to get rid of it if she saw it before she’d even had a chance to blow it up.
Sophie picked her moment very carefully. She put the balloon to her lips when Ellen’s eyes were fixed on the TV. She wanted to surprise her, but in a nice way. She knew that that would be easier said than done.
Suddenly, Ellen could hear the all-too-familiar sound of a balloon being inflated. At first she thought she was just imagining things, but it didn’t take her long to spot the growing pink orb in the corner of her eye. Ellen’s heart started beating even faster. “Wh-what are you doing?” she asked.
Sophie stopped blowing for a minute. “Just having a little fun.”
“Fun?” Ellen yelled, her eyes going wide. She turned to leave the couch. But Sophie put her hand on her leg, stopping her.
“You’re not going anywhere,” she said.
“Why are you doing this?”
“To help you.” That wasn’t strictly untrue, although Sophie’s panties were becoming wetter with each breath. “Watch me. You might like it.”
The neck of the balloon started to grow against Sophie’s lips. “Are you going to pop it?” Ellen stammered.
“Nothing gets past you, does it?” Sophie started blowing harder and harder.
Ellen turned her head away again, but Sophie forcefully moved it back toward her. “Look at me,” she said sternly.
Although she was still scared, Ellen was getting strangely aroused by the whole experience. She’d never been dominated like this before and she liked it. She watched her friend continue to blow into the balloon, and she felt herself getting excited, anticipating the pop. She stared intently into Sophie’s eyes. “Kiss me,” she whispered, before she’d even realized she’d said the words.
Now it was Sophie’s turn for her heart to quicken. She took the balloon from her lips and leaned in toward Ellen.She kissed her passionately, and her panties became even damper.
The balloon exploded loudly. The two girls collapsed on the couch, kissing passionately. Their hands slipped down each other’s panties, circling each other’s clits gently until they each came, intensely. The collapsed in a heap in each other’s arms.
“Still afraid of balloons?” Sophie asked, playfully.
“I think I just overcame my phobia.” Ellen kissed her and they closed their eyes.

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