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Gray A Loon 17-01-2019 11:19 AM

The Webcam
Mollie Coates got comfortable on her couch and opened her laptop. She had stripped down to just her panties prior to opening the Skype application. Mollie was in a long distance relationship with her girlfriend Chloe, who she’d met online. Chloe lived a hundred miles away and they didn’t get to see each other that often. But tonight, Mollie had been told, Chloe had a special treat for her girl. She’d not said any more than that, but Mollie had a feeling it might involve balloons.
Mollie had only recently told Chloe about her fetish. She took it really well; actually, she thought it was rather cute and fun. They’d been talking on the phone when Mollie said, “If I said I had a fetish, what would you say?”
“Depends what it is,” replied Chloe.
Mollie took a deep breath and said, “Balloons.”
Chloe was silent for a moment. “Like, party balloons?” she said finally.
“Uh-huh,” mumbled Mollie, nervously.
“Well, that’s OK, I guess.”
Mollie had breathed a sigh of relief.
Now, she was looking forward to seeing her girl after two long weeks of missing her. She was also looking forward to whatever she had planned for her.
Mollie logged onto Skype and called Chloe. She answered almost instantly.
“Hi, hun, nice to see you,” said Chloe. She was wearing a cute pink bikini top and her blonde hair was tied in braids, just the way Mollie liked it.
“Finally,” Mollie said. “So, what’s my surprise?”
Chloe laughed. “You’re eager, aren’t you? But since you asked…” She reached down toward the couch she was sitting on and pulled out a pink balloon. Mollie started to get wet instantly, just seeing the uninflated balloon in her girlfriend’s hand. Chloe put the balloon to her lips and began to blow. Mollie bit her lip in pleasure, and her hand slipped down her panties. When the balloon was a nice pear shape, Chloe held it to her half-exposed breasts to tie it off. “What should I do with this now?” she asked.
“Straddle it,” said Mollie. “But make sure it doesn’t pop yet. And make sure I can see.”
So Chloe got on top of the balloon, and repositioned her laptop so Mollie could see. She was pleasantly surprised to see that Chloe was naked on her bottom half, and the tight latex pressed against her pussy turned her on even more.
“Shall I blow another one?” asked Chloe.
Mollie bit her lip again and nodded. Chloe took another pink balloon and blew it up, still straddling the one beneath her. She rocked harder and harder on the balloon, and even though she didn’t have the fetish, the latex still felt insanely good against her pussy. She pulled the lid of the laptop down further so that Mollie could see her pussy in all its wet glory. The sight almost made her come. Almost.
“Wait there,” said Mollie suddenly. She ran into the bedroom to grab a balloon, a red one, and hurried back to the webcam.
By the time Mollie was back Chloe was finished blowing up her second balloon and was rubbing it on her exposed tits. Mollie put her balloon to her lips and began to blow. With one hand holding her balloon, the other slid down her panites and onto her clit. She was almost ready.
Suddenly the balloon Chloe was sitting on popped, and Mollie came, intensely. Chloe dug her nails into her second balloon and it exploded too. Then Chloe came. With a few more breaths the balloon Mollie was blowing up popped too. She collapsed in a heap on the couch.
“I love you, baby,” she told Chloe.
“I know,” said Chloe.

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