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Smothered by tits 20-04-2019 12:49 PM

Liquor,latex &v8's Chapter one: never drink and online shop
Writer's note: This is my first story so please leave feedback to how i can improve my storytelling thank you.

Shaun is driving back from work happy to be heading home after a long week of bullshit from the shop manager Mark.
Hes fiance Tina is at home knowing that Shaun would be tired from work and would want a few drinks and to get some sleep.
She can hear Shaun coming up the driveway pulling up front of their home boxes litter the hallway as they still haven't completely unpacked all their belongings.
Tina can hear the old plymouth creak to a stop in front of the house a car door opening and closing from outside then hears the front door open.
Shaun: Tina im home. Shaun said with a tired voice.
Tina: hey honey how was work? Tina said with a joyful tone.
Shaun: same old same old oil filters refusing to budge,Mark trying to get me to do he's work for him and a customer helicoptering me about he's car other than that it's fine.
Tina: sounds like you had a long day how bout i get you your favorite drink?
Shaun: rum & coke?
Tina: yep. Tina walks out into the kitchen to go get him he's drink while Shaun goes on to he's computer and goes onto the internet.
Three hours and six rum & cokes later.
Tina has gone to bed and Shaun is on the computer looking through he's emails.
Shaun: might as well start cleaning out the spam folder. What's this?
Shaun sees an advertisement for some new product.
Balloon n'a bottle any balloon you want when ever you want. It looks to be a five liter scuba tank with the balloon n'a bottle sticker on the side of it.
This gets Shaun's attention.
Shaun: hmmm i might give this a try. The stash is starting to get low i should order three just for a taste.
As he's ordering the shipment Tina calls for him.
Tina: Shaun come on it's eleven o'clock at night and i'm starting to get cold with out you.
Shaun turns around to respond when he does this he accidentally adds a extra zero to the amount he's ordering and accepts the order.
Shaun: alright hun just give me a minute. He turns back to the computer screen to see that the order as been already sent. Shaun: wait order sent? Order will arrive in approximately in one weeks time ok. Shaun leaves he's computer and jumps into bed with he's loving fiance.
A week goes by with not much happening then Tina gets a ring by the door and answers it.
Delivery guy: Order for a Mr Shaun Swan? Tina: I'm Tina Swan Shaun's wife. Delivery guy: Sign here please. Tina signs for the delivery and the delivery guy brings three heavy boxes out of hes truck and puts them on the living room table.
Delivery guy: you have nice day mam. He says as he leaves. Tina now looking at the three boxes decides to open one of them to see what it is when she does a great rubber smell engulfs her when she reaches into the box she pulls out what looks to be a red scuba tank with the balloon n'a bottle sticker on the side.
Oh god Shaun has out done himself this time. Tina thought just as this happened she hears a familiar sound of Shaun's plymouth pulling up out front.
Tina confronts Shaun about the delivery. Tina: Shaun what is this? Shaun: oh yea i ordered those about a week ago. Tina: do you know you ordered three boxes of them!?
Shaun: WHAT!? Shaun charges into the house to see the three boxes sitting on the table looking in the one Tina opened he sees about nine in there not including the one Tina is holding. At this point Shaun figures out there's about thirty of these things and is now questioning what to do with all of them not knowing what each one of these little tank can do. End of chapter one.

scuba 20-04-2019 03:52 PM

Re: Liquor,latex &v8's Chapter one: never drink and online shop
Very well written. Can't wait to read next chapter

Smothered by tits 20-04-2019 10:24 PM

Re: Liquor,latex &v8's Chapter one: never drink and online shop
Thank you.
I'm just getting started.

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