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Galdo 12-06-2019 05:03 PM

Galdo and the inflatables
Hello aggain.

I hope this is the right spot to post it, but another member has written down the Story how he came to all this inflatable stuff so I thought... or Think this
here can be seen as some advanced introduction. Like he, I will try to write down how I came to this fetish and what were my Highlights. Unfortunately, even when I tried to concentrate really much I am not able to remember things as good as he did. There are just loose fragments left... but I canīt really put them in an order age-wise nor be absolutely sure that they were exactly like that. It must have been to Long ago... thatīs probably the reason. So I guess most of what happened happened at the Age of 10 or younger.

So the balloons... theyīre it for me mostly. I donīt really know how I initially got into everything was it being scared of the super loud bang when a balloon Bursts ? Was it something else? I will just write down what I remember.

There were balloons and I knew they can burst. I was phobic of the popping noise because (especially for Young, very sensitive) for my ears that noise was just to loud.

So... my dad brought home a big stash of Ballons from work with the logo of the work on them. I guess These were 12" Standard balloons since I figure out most companies - if they have Advertising balloons - go with the 12". They were put on the lamp for birthday, thightly (but not over-) inflated. When birthday Party was over, the balloons needed to be popped and my dad just stomped them. I do remember that because I can (like a Video) remember the Scene of him stomping them. Was that the Trigger?

Another time I was in the 4th grade. It was about carnival and so they kinda interrupted the education for the pupil having fun. I donīt recall what had been done on that day (I remember we had to move the tables so thereīs some room in the classroom for games) but one game was a balloon popping game.

Some Balloons were inflated and put in a basket (or given to the pupil I donīt recall) There were two chairs and two Teams. The Goal was to run to the chair sit-pop the ballon, run back as fast as possible, give the other Team member a high five so he or she can start running doing the same... whatever... the Team to be first out of balloons wins the game.

I can for sure remember that I didnīt want to do it. I just denied it, and sat back as far as I could - and if I remember that - with my "in time then girlfriend" on a table. Yeah... I mean 4th grade and talking about a girlfriend? For me that was Holding Hands and doing homework together ... I donīt evem remember if we ever kissed... and when 4th grade was over we went to different Schools.

Anyhow... I was ... I donīt recall it exactly but I think I really didnīt like it seing my classmates "riding" the Ballons waiting for the Pop. I think I sat in the back, covering my ears with my fingers... at least the teacher said itīs ok and I didnīt Need to Play this game. Aggain, all memories are vague here.

Somewhen I just started with the ballon fetish. I donīt really recall how it started but the start was "big".

I got some balloons out of the stash (mustīve been a 100 pack or so) and I started inflating them and sitting on them (I assume that, not having memories to that). What I do remember, is that I liked it (eg getting an errection but not knowing "what happens there" just "that I like it) and so I continoued... it even grew really big.

I started inviting my best friend to sit on a balloon to, and he did it. I said itīs like a pillow for the chair. So we were in my room playing Computer games (yeah in the 90s, Retro) and either both of us sitting on each one ownīs looner or switching positions (like the chair for the Computer had the looner and whoever played sat on it). I donīt know if it did something to him, but for me it was. I was not using any ear protection and the fact that whatever we
sat on could Pop any Minute really did it to me. I was havinī "a hard one" for a really Long time sometimes so Long my lilīman hurt afterwards just from being hard.

I remember quite sure that I also figured out that trash bags are a good inflatable seat aswell and other than balloons they announce if theyīre about to Pop (the plastic changes... itīs getting White-ish first, then it creates a bubble... as the material gets thinner you can even look through it so you can quite good predict when itīs about to Pop or of the applied weight is okay or not okay). Back then things didnīt Pop easy since I was obviously younger, and as a child / Teenager I was very thin and People made (friendly) jokes on me like I should eat something they call me "bean stick" and things but that was just Family members joking around.

The balloon Thing really was a Thing since I even involved my Little sister doing this. Iīm in her room and she was having a... donīt know the word now letīs say double bed. So thereīs a bed on ground Level and above it like "first floor" with a ladder thereīs another bed. Usually I take Ballons in, under inflate them and lay in bed. I put them below my butt and let the neck Show out. This way I relaxed... or even wanted to sleep. I mean... I remember even having names for These things. ... they might Sound funny and weird now. This whole "sit on something inflated" Thing I called it "After stützen Club" (something like butt-support-Club if youīd translate it) and with my sister I pretended the balloon to be an egg that Needs to be hatched and we were chicken.

I remember having a "session" with my sister aggain (Donīt get this wrong there never happened anything we were just loone-ing) my dad came in. He saw whatīs going on and he was kinda mad. He took away the balloon (eventually popped it?) and mean talked at me and asked something like "does that turn you on" "Does that make you horny?"... Apart from me not knowin what he meant - at this Age - I felt bad because... it was just nice.

Oh Iīm throwing things around (memories) so thereīs no "order" when things happened. I just write what I remember...

To my parents it was not a secret that Iīm into Ballons. Mustīve been far under the Age of 10 (maybe 8) I went over to my grandma (who sadly passed away when I was around 10 or 11) for a sleepover. Her house was just maybe 150-250 feet away from my parentīs house so itīs fine. I remember bringing a looner with me, and sit on it... watching Tv... my grandma didnīt care as if it was the most normal Thing. I had the sleepover in her big bed, and even there I had the looner somewhere on my butt, being horny all the time. Eventually I managed to fall asleep but I canīt remember if the looner was popped the next day or not.

My parents also "watched" (in Terms of seen and accepted) me playing around with looners for a while but at the Point I mentioned above (looner taken away, dad gives comments) they kinda were weary that what Iīm doing here is not normal.

Aggain... Iīm just writing what I remember there is no order like "this was with 8 years this was with 10 years" I donīt recall. Iīll end this post here and continoue in the next one, where I talk about actually doing the fetish alone.

Galdo 12-06-2019 05:16 PM

Re: Galdo and the inflatables
So this is part two of me explaining about the fetish.

There were two main Locations where I spent time doing my fetish. One was the forrest that was Close to our house (around 300 feet away) where I felt safe and hidden and the other Location was our tree house. I call it tree house so you get a better Imagination what I mean. It was not literarely a tree house hence it wasnīt in a tree but it was positioned high above ground so you had to climb a ladder up to get into it. Iīll start with
the forrest first.

In the forrest there were some letīs say "natural seats / stools" as some trees were cut and the remaining Wood stood out of the ground. As the trees were cut a Long time ago, new plants (donīt know the englisch word for it) - soft plants similar to weed - grew over most of These things. They were cut so the surface was still a bit rough, but not rough enough to Pop a balloon... and on the few ones that were rough, I brought something with me to soften the surface for my sitting parties.

So... I took a few balloons and I took a few trashbags. I think at the beginning it was ok, but as my parents got weary about that what I do has reached a Level where itīs not normal anymore they started to hide things from me. They also never knew about what I did in the forrest - at least I assume that. I just told them Iīll go outside... Play and they let me alone. Also I was not always in the forrest there were lots of other reasons I went out that were not having anything to do with fetish (when friends came over we had lots of fun with a small river... itīs not really a river it was much much smaller but we had our garden hose there and played with the water).

Anyhow... arriving up in the forrest - Feeling safe for being away from others and noone could hear potential Pops I started playing. The whole Situation... from the beginning to the Arrival in the forrest was a big adrenaline rush. My heart was going super fast already when I was preparing things (like getting the balloons and the trash backs - I waited untill parents wonīt notice and got me some). On the way up into the forrest my heart was ponding really strong and the Closer I got to the Location where will have playtime the more excited I got... and my Little man grew and grew and he stood hard for literarely 1 hour or longer, depending on how much I played in the forrest.

I usually started with the trashbags. I inflated one, and sat on it. When I was sitting on it - comfy - I held my ears shut with my Little fingers and reduced my leg Support so Iīd sit more and more heavier on the trashbag, causing it to carry more and more of my weight. Still I was quite light weight then but it was enough for the trashbags to react. I was sitting on them so most of the air would be pushed Forwards - and - Forwards between my legs I could see the plastic... it was fine... then tiny traces of "overload" as it begann to "draw" White lines... I continoued sitting... the White lines got bigger and bigger and slowly a bubble started to form... I kept sitting, the bubble grew... and grew and BANG... at that time my heart was ponding super hard, my whole Body was rushed with adrenaline... I was shaking... and my lilī man in my Pants was super hard, kinda "ponding" along with the heartbeat aggainst my Pants. I re inflated the trashbag,
fixed the hole and gave it another sit. Eventually I repeated that untill there were so many
holes in the trashbag that it was just not useable anymore.

I donīt recall it to good with the balloons but I was kinda phobic about them (maybe because of what happened, and I donīt like the loud popping noise) but I remember that I inflated one... and placed it on one of the remains of the cut trees. I sat on it, and the neck came out... I started riding... with my ears held aggain with my tiny fingers so I donīt hear the loud Bang ... to loud... I donīt recall much about balloons actually ... when I think back I think that I wasnīt really a "popper" then. I wanted to Pop them, but eventually chicken out when I was riding the balloon, saw how tight it got but still didnīt Pop. I really donīt recall what I did with non popped balloons then. Rode them till they popped? Popp them safely with a stick? I donīt recall... I recall more about the trashbags.

I was ... doing a Thing I feel bad about today and that was I just left the rubbish in the forrest. I did not care, I didnīt want to bring the popped things back with me because I was afraid my parents would notice. I mean... one day all was gone since there seemed other People to have walked in the forrest and tidied it up but that was not nice from me if I think back. I think... (not sure) one day I even went up the forrest and tidied up a Little bit by myself and found a way to throw These things away without my parents noticing.

Galdo 12-06-2019 05:42 PM

Re: Galdo and the inflatables
Here I describe the "treehouse" and another Location where I made my fetish.

So our dad bought us (my sister and my later to come brother and me) a "tree house". We were super happy about it. It had two Windows that could be opened and closed, and my grandma made us some curtains for the Windows. There was a door and the door could be closed from the outside and from the inside. The house was about 2 times 2 meters so 4mē tall and I remember that I could stand upright in it for a very Long time - so the Roof also was quite high.

Apart from doing lots and lots of things in that house and spending - all the time Iīve been there in my life - probably a few hundret hours in it I also made my fetish.

The above mentioned "Butt Support Club" also was used in this "three house" and often
after we used the inflatables (trashbag and balloons) for sitting they were left non popped in there.

Iīve spend... I donīt know but it were many ... hours in there sitting on the inflatables. I remember having a clear "mc donalds" ballon, which I very much under inflated. Iīve put it in a trashbag and closed the trashbag so my weight is shared by the plastic from the trashbag and the rubber from the balloon. I was just in the three house... sitting on it... sitting on it half an hour or so... my lilīman errected aggain super strong and my nerves super tight. Is it going to Pop soon? Is it even going to Pop? I donīt recall what I did in t he meantime while I was sitting on it (eventually found something to do there really was lots of different stuff in this three house over the years... maybe a cheapo Gameboy was laying around and I was playing games? I donīt recall).

The Problem with this threehouse was - compared to the forrest - that it was next to our house and very Close to the neighbours. I had to be carefull if Iīd Pop something they might hear it and ask questions I donīt want to answer... also when my session was over I hid the items in a chair.

We had a "Coca Cola" metal chair. It was basically like an oversized can with the top able
to be taken off and the chair used as a storage device. Iīve put all my inflatables in there
and after a Long session I went out.

The other place where I made my inflatable sessions (apart from my room) was an old... house ... well it wasnīt really a house. There are a few rooms made out of concrete (my momīs parents used to rent the room to People if I recall correct) but the rest was just made out of Wood and it was like when itīs windy... you could feel the wind inside. In this place my parents stored Tools and there were also two big cardboard boxes for the trash.

I often went into there and "rummaged" the trash looking for plastic bags I could inflate and sit on them... I found some and when I felt safe I sat on them and popped some - aggain - with my Little one being super happy about it... errected.

I also brought some balloons in there, put them on the wooden stair and sat on them but as I heavily under inflated them (basically when you would sit down on them full weight most of the air is in the neck and thereīs barely any air left in the round part of the balloon) noone popped or just a few popped where I insisted (canīt recall)

Well These were my sessions you know. Iīve not known enough about my Body... that I could have nice pleasure if I was to "rub" my lil man being super hard. I also donīt recall if i ever climaxed or had "wet Pants" just from being horny and playing around with These Kind of things all the time.

Somewhen or somehow my parents found out about the inflatables in the threehouse and I remember a Scene where my mom sits on the Sofa. She has my mc donaldsd balloon in the trashbag in her Hands and sheīs not happy that she found that... I think my parents talked to me (I really donīt remember a thing this all feels wiped out all I remember are some Scenes of Events) and my mom was popping the balllon with a needle and let out all the air from the trashbag (I felt kinda sad because I lost a "lust" item ...)

I think the last "fetish" session was on december 31th a year. I remember I was horny aggain and I wanted this year to end with something Special... I went into the kitchen, got me some trashbags and pulled me back into my room. I made some sitting and "nearly Pop them" sessions with them... for a while...

Eventually my mom came in my room but I donīt recall wheter she "found out" what I did
or I did hide it...

After that ... for some reasons my fetish ended. Maybe it was because I got older? Maybe
it was because I found new friends and I didnīt want to introduce them to that because I didnīt want to look like a complete weirdo? I donīt know but it calmed down... stopped.

At the Age of 14 or maybe a Little bit earlier I finally found out that "if you rub your lilīexcited man" it will give you an incredible Feeling. Well... to be direct it was less a find-out-thing... it was more a try thing.

At that Age and a while before the Boys at School "did it" and talked about their storries very excited (Iīve been told some of them even met to do it together, or did it to each other... or played games like they have a cake, and are in a circle... fapping, and who cums last must eat the cake with all the seemen on... I donīt know what or if ever any of These things they told me happened Iīm just recalling things here).

Anyhow... the Boys were asking me all the time "Did you yet do it" and I denied. I donīt know. I was educated quite much with Religion, and - even I donīt recall a Person literarely saying to me "do not do this, god wonīt like it" I initially just knew it would be something... something forbidden...something you donīt Need to do.

As I got into later classes Boys Keep kinda making fun of me because like everyone did it except me and then it was around the Age of 14 or a Little bit earlier when I was in the bathroom... starting to rub...

Altough we had education regarding "how our boides and love works" I shouldīve payed better Attention there instead of (like some others) sitting in class red-headed and just wanting it to be over. So I started rubbing and it felt great... and the Feeling intensified... what do you do? Sure, continoue because it feels greater and greater... untill I came and seemen were everywhere. They were on the wall, they were on parts of the toilett, but man, that Feeling. It was so incredible intense it was a whole Body experience. I even could feel it very strong in my throat... everywhere...

But previously I never did it. I never did it on my inflatables... on my balloons.

Also what happened next is that - saying to myself when I first ever climaxed - Iīll never do this aggain... I ... as you can imagine... needed to do it... ending up with lots of "wet" bed-clothes because I was rubbing and was still unexperienced with the PONR... I had another Problem. I was doing this... and I felt bad for it... I was very much into Religion and I punished myself for this. I was really into candy...chocolate...These things were the best thing for me, and when I fapped aggain because Body / hormons tell me to be horny I was like I forbidd myself to eat chocolate for a week to feel bad... be sorry...

Well especially if youīre growing up you have lots of moments where youīre horny and I donīt recall how I managed it to be "okay" for me but at some time I did... Mhm... sorry I got a Little bit distracted here but I think that fits into the Topic. Regarding my friends... at least from my side this whole Topic around "Little man / fapping" was never mentioned super Long... just when one of my friends (I got to know in Kindergarten) was really old and I was really old (older than 25) we had a Long talk about that... but with the balloons... I donīt know? Did they also like it? I have more a Feeling that they just did it for me as Iīm their friend.

Oh I just recall... writing These lines... when I was over, visiting my friend we asked his mom to Hand us out some trashbags to sit on. She did... but she didnīt really comment if I remember correct... weird... I mean sheīs a psychiatric or something as occupation... shouldnīt she have said something or were we just to Young and "Kids playing" (she let my friend really really much freedom in his growing up phase ...still with anti autorian education he became a really nice and friendly guy).

I was in situations that part wise had to do with the fetish. I remember a birthday Party with some balloons and one of my relatives was squeezing a big one "playing around" with it and I knew it would Pop... I was trying to hide and got really bad Feelings aggain (afraid from the bang) and when it popped I felt a release that it was over. He wanted to move to the next one because he was bored but they told him to stop and so he stopped doing this.

Later I was sitting on one of These gym balls quite often when I visited my friend. He had one of them we used as chair. When sitting on that one I was calm. No errection. There was this "there was something - wasnīt it" Feeling in me... but nothing really happened.

Oh and many years later (I was already adult and either in my apprenticeship or working already) I stumbled across a lone balloon in our house... I decided to give it a try so I was alone at home. I went into the bathroom and got some kind of matress - is that the right word? They are like a tiny matress you put on a "sun chair"... I put the ballon inbetween two of These, under inflated, and sat on it and wanted to fap. It kinda was nice, but I was more scared of the balloon to Pop than turned on by sitting on it. Back then I have to say we lived in a house where other People live aswell and the walls are thin... so that bang - even being a Little more silent from the "matress" sure wouldīve been heared.

Then there was a Long break... untill we come to "letīs say lately and today" in the next chapter.

Galdo 12-06-2019 06:52 PM

Re: Galdo and the inflatables
Years went by and I eventually thought of that fetish for a short time, but there wasnīt really much to it except thinking of it for a couple of minutes in a random Situation.

Since Iīm into electronics - as you mightīve read in my introduction Topic - I was watching a big (in Terms of subscribers) Youtuberīs channel aggan and at that time he found a woman, married her... she was his wife.

They made another channel for his wife on YouTube and the channel was also quite popular as many subscribers from his main channel moved there. I had a look on his wifeīs channel also sometimes.

One day they had a Video on here channel were they were about to Pop some used balloons. The wedding was still fresh, theyīve had parties but now it was time to tidy up the room and there were some balloons laying around. They decided to Pop them, mostly by sitting on them. The manīs wife took a balloon, placed it on the Sofa, and had a sit on it. She was expecting it to burst when she would sit down, but the balloon whitestand her weight, and only on the side of her Body - like on the right side - the neck from the balloon could be seen. She started to ride it, and maybe a few balloons popped but most of the used balloons could whitestand that.

Her man then also popped some balloons but getting them to Pop he had to ride them really hard, really agressive... part wise even jump on them.

I was astonished how strong These balloons were, I couldnīt belive they are that strong since I was sure - in my not so sharp remaining - memories that a balloon
is made of rather thin rubber and will Pop quite easy.

Like a Switch, this Video triggered something in me... brought back a Need... a lust for things that were Long gone. By that time we already moved and now have a house where only we live an and we donīt have any other People living in the same house as we do, so potential popping noises from inflatables wouldnīt be discovered that easy.

I closed the Video after watching it... left with thoughts... I donīt know... I thought it will calm down but it didnīt. Like I just wrote, like a Switch... it turned back on
my Need to do such things and I went to YouTube and typed in "Ballon sit" not really expecting much to see showing up in the results. After I hit the search button,
I was overwealmed how many Videos could be seen regarding this topic. I clicked on a few Videos and they really mixed my Feelings. I was nervous for the Person who did a sit Pop - for the balloon to Pop, and on the other side I really found it hot... like it was hot in a sexual way.

With all that I discovered that this is not "something weird you did as kid" - I discovered that itīs a fetish and obviously some People are into that. I found a few Modell Shooting Videos involving balloons... and that really set my decision. I want to get back to this... as soon as possible.

Before I bought my first balloons I did some Research about that Topic and figured out that it could be triggered by People being phobic about balloon popping and also in the article I read there was really lots of usefull Information... so I went to Amazon page and ordered some balloons.

I got some from a Company called "Karaloon". I found it quite odd, what they were supposed to be used for... In the description and the Picture it was said These balloons were designed to be under inflated, and some (more than 10) put under a blanket... and a kid then could lay on the blanket or could sit on it without the
balloons popping. Also on the package there was a Picture of how that should look... I thought, k, These Sound nice... and bought them along with some other random

Galdo 14-06-2019 01:48 PM

Re: Galdo and the inflatables
Whith the balloons on their way... and my lust for that fetish brought back I wanted to get into things. I remembered to have seen a package of Ballons in one of our shelfs, and looking there I actually found the package... That was the good part, the bad part was that These balloons could barely be used anymore. I donīt know what happened to them, but they were sticking together, kinda... I seperated them carefully, but when I wanted to inflate one, it felt like it would Pop any second even it was just inflated like 3..4". The rubber was colored all the same but there were lots of spots where it looked like super thin. I even think some of them just popped by seperating them (got a hole) ... generally were in super bad shape.

Iīve put them into hot water, letting them sit for a while (hours) and it helped a Little bit, but still I couldnīt really use them. I remember putting some into a trash bag, super under inflated, and that way they could carry me.

I right now, writing this, donīt recall if I did this first, and then ordered the balloons on Amazon, or of it was the other way around...

I do remember that at some time I also had a look back into trashbags. Being alone at home, I got me one and went to our guests room. I inflated it, put it on the bed, and had a seat on it. I expected it to Pop, but it Held my weight and I was super astonished that it holds my weight. I canīt remember if I then took my Pants down, and fapped, or if I just let it be...thats years ago and since than Iīve had so many sessions that I canīt remember each single one anymore.

What I do remember is that a good friend of me, who knows about my fetish, I wrote him Long storries how impressed I am about the stability of that trashbag... actually... they arenīt really good with having a seat on them but let me explain.

Maybe some of you have that, that they have a seat on an inflatable and think itīs super good, super strong... but actually theyīre kinda betraying themselfs because without one actively noticing it People do "chicken out" and Support lots of their weight with their feet still. I sure did the same in the beginning, just somehow not wanting to admitt it for myself... I guess I was just happy with that Situation.

I then got my balloons from Amazon, and especially the Karaloon ones did it to me. I was astonished how strong they were. I under inflated one... still having it inflated enough so if I would sit on it, it would neck, but thereīs to much air and not all air will have space in the neck and it Needs to carry me.

Iīve done some sit-tests on the balloons in the guests rooms bed and I was expecting to Pop them but they didnīt. They were delveloping a neck, yes... Pop... no...

Iīve then put one balloon under a bed blanket on the ground and sat myself on it. Not really any leg Support let and more weight on it then on the bed which was rather soft.

I felt the balloon under my butt, how as hard as a rock it became. I felt the neck through
the bed blanket... super hard... but still no Pop... I started to ride... and finally, with some
upīs and downs there was the bang... but really... incredible how strong These balloons are.

I made further sessions including starting to fap on one of These, but the experience in the beginning was rather bad. My lilī man wasnīt even errected a Little, I rubbed a Little bit like 3...4 times back and Forward and I came... thatīs how much These Ballons did it to me...

My fetish involved and using earplugs I was not so scared of popping noises anymore. I inflated the balloons more, and put more weight on the trashbags: With a common result - most the time they will Pop by just sitting on them with relaxed legs... I think my 110kgs sure help there.

With the years I was able to controll that better and now I can have good nearly normal (still often done in under one Minute) fapping sessions on the Ballon or the inflatable...

I was browsing Advertising that came with the mail from some stores around here and sometimes they sell Ballons. Once Iīve had it that I took the good 1 mile walk and walked to a store, buying some balloons. It felt super... exciting but not in a good way... I was having a Feeling People knew wherefore Iīd buy the balloons altough thereīs no reason they could know... so I bought some balloons and other items with them to hide what Iīve bought.

I know some stores around here that sell balloons (Some on a daily available Basis, some occasionly) and Iīd like to go to them aggain and buy some balloons. Iīm just afraid someone who knows me might see me (small village) and maybe random tell my parents "Iīve seen your son there, recently" ... theyīd sure wonder what I did there... alone... so re stacking my supply stash is a thing.

I would initially have a wider interest in inflatables like some People Iīve read from are having an inflatable animal to sit on... or a gym ball. Iīm sure These - non popped - would be a nice experience to have fun on, but as Iīm still living at home at my parentīs house right now I have to be weary about what I do. My hidden (but not super well hidden) stash of inflatables basically mainly has balloons in it and someone got me two beach balls... other than that? I can get trashbags from around the house and noone would notice or care. I used to hide the popped things into another package and put them into the bin... so letīs say I have an empty cookie bag I put in the popped things and throw it in the bin outside... I doubt anyone is going to "rummage the trash" and look for evidence so Iīm quite confident my Little secret is still a secret.

I could write more storries but since then Iīve had lots of nice fetish Events involving mostly balloons and trashbags... also made lots of comparisons between an air filled balloon and a water filled ballon (and sometimes unintentionly flooded the ground a Little bit...) and as it is now by this date Iīm still quite much enjoying the fetish, doing it here and there.

For now, I have nothing more to say regarding how my fetish evolved back.

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