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Kbeecher 16-08-2019 04:16 PM

Teaser for “Morphed”
Here’s a teaser for a series I’ve been writing. I don’t know if any others have interest in this slightly different perspective of our fetish. Feedback welcome if constructive.

I couldn’t help myself. Earlier this evening, after perusing the latest postings on Clips4Sale, I noticed Kylie Jacobs had updated her page with a few clips of teasing her viewers as she sensually and occasionally viciously popped the balloons around her. Some balloons succumbed to her nails, others to her feet, but those who were most lucky were filled with her breath until they could contain no more and burst into shreds. I bought a few clips, adding to my collection of this beautiful balloon-popping woman of my dreams.

As I watched one of the new clips, Kylie asked her viewers to jerk off as she blew a balloon towards its ultimate doom. As the red balloon grew in size, streaked with the condensation of her breath, her hand simulated stroking the erection of her audience’s member. At the same time, she straddled a fully inflated 17 inch blue balloon, rhythmically thrusting forwards and backwards. The balloon was severely distorted, straining under her assault. Finally, after a particularly aggressive thrust, it could take no more and burst beneath her. Kylie giggled, grabbing a piece of its shattered body and rubbed it against her partially exposed breast. I felt empathy towards these two balloons – or was it jealousy? I was suddenly lightheaded, my consciousness fading. The world around me began to fade to black.

As I woke and became aware, I felt a familiar but strange sensation. My body felt hollow, my skin smooth and incredibly sensitive. I could not feel my arms or legs, for they were no longer present. My head and body were morphed into one oval shape, tapering to what used to be my groin. My penis was now a hollowed out tube, rolled at its end and open to the environment. I could see swaths of red, yellow, orange, green, and blue around me. As I felt the softness of latex rubber that surrounded me, I noticed the wonderful and unmistakable scent of a freshly opened bag of balloons. Yes, it was happening again……..

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