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Phips 17-11-2019 08:52 AM

The prom part 4
After popping the balloon and spilling some wine on her shirt Franzi really started to take off her top in front of me! I couldn't believe it, she just told me she played with balloons and enjoyed it. And now she will be sitting in front of me with just her bra and leggins on.
"That balloon surprised me a lot! I'm usually not this easily scared."
"Yeah I've noticed that in the store when you didn't even flinch from the blow to pops."
"Wanna see me do it again?"
She grabbed one of the uninflated 17 inch balloons, a pink balloon, and stretched it.
"Yes.." my voice cracked and she started to giggle.
"Okay, but I want to play a game. You take the other one and we have a race. Whoever pops his balloon last has to take a piece of clothing off. Oh and wait a second, I'll be right back."
I took the other balloon, a green one, and just stretched it while waiting. After a moment Franzi came back with a packet of balloons.
"I'll need a lot more balloons, you're still wearing too much."
"Oh you think you can beat me?? I might get a little more scared than you, but I will crush you. Bring it on!"
"Haha, we'll see about that. On the count of three. One... Two... Three!"
We both started blowing into our balloons and the filled rapidly. She was good at that stuff, I could tell. We were going at almost the same pace, but I think my balloon was a bit bigger than hers.
"Damn it, I can't lose this!" looks like she noticed too that she was behind.
"Less talking, more blowing then!".
Both balloons were starting to grow necks now. My balloon was getting extremely tight by now and it was only a matter of seconds.


I jumped. Holy shit that was loud. But wait, I was still holding my balloon. Fuck, I thought I would win this.
"Haha, told you I was going to beat you!" she had a triumphant smile on her face. And with that she reached over and popped my balloon with her nails, which also exploded with a loud bang.
"Go ahead and take some clothes off. It's up to you what you choose."
With a big smile I started to take my socks off.
"Oh come on! That's not fair." she said with a pouty face.
"Haha, you told me I could choose." I made the most innocent face ever.
"I could make it up to you with a kiss, though."
"Oh I don't know if you deserve this now..."
"If I beat you with the next balloon you'll have to let me kiss you."
"Alright then, you should blow a bit harder then."
I reached for new balloons, which looked like some normal 12 inch balloons, took a few out and threw one over to her.
"This time I will win. One... Two... Three!"
I blew as hard into my balloon as I could and filled it rapidly. But once again she wasn't doing bad either. We stared at each other and made some angry faces at each other for fun. She realized that I was doing a lot better this time because my balloon already had a big neck and hers didn't. She came closer to me on the couch and tried to distract me, bat away my balloon or just do something to make me lose. I loved all the tension and teasing between us and I was rock hard. I tried really hard to just focus on the balloon and to make it pop, but it was getting hard to blow. And her pressing her balloon against her breast and licking the small neck that had formed wasn't making that easier. I was blowing more and more breaths into my balloon and it was huge by now. It just got tighter and tighter and was almost completely transparent by now. And then


It popped with a violent explosion sending shards of latex down on both of us.
"Haha, I won!"
"Yes you did, and now enjoy the show for a bit."
Franzi took two of the already inflated balloons and sat on it. She was grinding her hips into the balloon and let out a small moan. The other balloon was laying in front of her and she was playing with it with the nails of her free hand. The other was still holding the tight balloon to her lips and she continued to blow. It was also really tight by now but hasn't popped yet. Those are some strong balloons. And I was squirming with anticipation. I wanted her to pop those balloons so I could finally kiss her, but I also wanted to continue watching her blow up that balloon and playing with the others. She looked me in the eyes and had the sexiest and at the same time cutest smile on her face. She started to bounce a bit on the tight 14 inch balloon and got rougher with her nails on the other. She wanted them to pop also. Then she dug her nails in deep in the balloon and it dissappeared with a sharp crack. She giggled and continued to blow into the balloon. It didn't take long and there was another loud bang and the balloon in her mouth popped. Only the balloon underneath her was left.
"Come over here and kiss me already." she commanded.
And I happily obeyed. Started to kiss her slowly. The was still grinding on the balloon and moaned into my mouth a bit more. I started touching her shoulders, her back, her neck and pulled her close to me. She put one hand on the neck of the balloon in front and made it squeak a bit while sliding her hand along the balloon. She was sliding it towards my crotch and when she reached my pants she pressed down on my rock hard dick. Now it was my time to moan. We kissed harder and harder until we had each other's tongues in our mouths. I leaned forward more and put my additional weight on the balloon underneath her and it didn't take much to pop it. I was laying on top of her now and took a short break from the kissing.
"Get off of me and lay on your back. And take off your clothes already! All of them."
I did what she said and soon I was laying in front of her completely naked. Thankfully she did the same. I admired her almost perfect body and grasped at her boobs. She in return grabbed my dick and moved up and down with her hand. She took another balloon then, placed it between my legs and sat on top of it. She leaned in and we continued kissing roughly.
"Here, blow this up until it pops for me. It made me horny watching you, Phil."
She gave me an orange 12" balloon and sat back up to watch me. While I was blowing she was grinding on the balloon, pressing it into my rock hard dick. She moaned softly and started to touch herself a bit, too. The balloon was getting tight by now and the neck started to form.
"Are you ready for this bang? It's going to be loud." I said.
She just nodded and smiled. She touched my body all over, going over my stomach and my chest. She leaned foreward and kissed my neck and nibbled at my ear.
"After you popped that balloon I want you to pop the balloon underneath me. And then I want to fuck you." she whispered in my ear.
Well if that isn't motivating I don't know what is. I blew as hard as I could and it didn't take long to pop right next to Franzis face while she was still kissing and licking my neck. Again she didn't even flinch even though it was right next to her ear. I remembered what she said about the other balloon and quickly popped the one underneath her with my nails. It stung a bit on my dick, but felt good also.
What else felt good was my penis when I entered her pussy. She gasped and moaned into my ear. Then she sat back up, looked me in the eyes and started to grind on top of me. I didn't know how long I could last and I hoped she would leave the balloons out of it for now. But nope, she grabbed one of the inflated ones and one uninflated.
She was grinding on my dick slowly while leaning on the balloon that she placed on my chest. She blew the other one up right in my face and I had to try really hard not to cum already. She was steadily blowing her balloon and every now and then moaned into it.
"Omg hurry up, Franzi. I'm gonna cum soon!"
"Oh no I don't want you to finish yet."
She stopped grinding on my dick and just kept blowing the balloon. The break might actually save me for a while. Without warning she popped the balloon on my chest with her nails. I jumped a little which made my dick enter her even deeper. She moaned loudly because of that. Now she even leaned back, exposing her pussy to me and I didn't waste any time to finger her while my cock was still inside her. She really enjoyed that and she finally started going up and down on my dick again. The balloon in her mouth was huge by now and it was only a matter of time. She started to get rougher and rougher and we were both close to orgasm.


The balloon burst with the loudest bang of the evening and that sent us both over the edge and I shot my load into her throbbing pussy.

"That... Was amazing." I whispered in her ear while she was still laying on top of me.
"Mhmm." was apparently all she could manage.
We lay there for a while just cuddled up together and rested a bit.
"Okay, let's clean up here, shall we?" she suggested after a while.
"Yeah, we've made a huge mess." I said with a smirk on my face.
She gave me a kiss and got up. My juices started to drip out of her vagina and she quickly grabbed a napkin from the table. I got up and cleaned up the shards of all the balloons we've popped tonight.
After we were finished we sat back on the couch, cuddled a bit more and watched a movie.
"Do you want to stay here tonight?"
"I would love to." I gave her another kiss and we continued to watch the movie.


Hope you like it, kind of took a "romantic" turn at the end haha. Next part will probably be about the prom again. Stay tuned :)

jcronin 23-11-2019 11:28 PM

Re: The prom part 4
Love your writing style. Please do continue with the story =)

Ballonblazer 22-01-2020 09:02 AM

Re: The prom part 4
Please write some more ,it's awesome !!

Smothered by tits 22-01-2020 03:27 PM

Re: The prom part 4
Please continue this series i've been really enjoying and can't wait to see where this goes.

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