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DIABOLOD 16-02-2020 06:26 PM

Party's over!
So this is a work in progress. I'm by no means a writer.

The evening had going well. Everybody had enjoyed themselves and the raffle had raised over £4000 for the Donna Louise Trust. Steve had been dating Lucy for around 5 weeks and whilst their relationship was reaching new heights, he still hadn’t found the nerve to share his secret with her. So needless to say, he was a little nervous about being in a situation where there were lots of balloons around! What if something happened, what if he ‘revealed’ himself!? The thought of him having to deal with getting aroused for any reason made him quite uncomfortable. But, as it happened, the entire evening had been rather uneventful in that way. He had noticed a girl earlier in the evening tugging on one of the helium balloons weighed down on a table, but she just let it bob up and down a few times before letting it be.

Lucy had done a really good job at setting up the room. She had been there since around midday with the decorators after all. There were metallic streamers that fanned out from the centre of the ceiling to the outside of the function room and a bouquet of helium balloons on each table. Not to mention the other bouquets dotted around the room by plant pots and statues, and the huge archway over the entrance! When Steve had first arrived, he had been really taken back by the sheer amount of balloons. There must have been at least 2, maybe 300! But as the night had progressed and nobody had been paying much attention to the latex decor, his nerves had settled.
As the last guests left, Steve was looking forward to calling it a night and driving Lucy back to his for a romantic night in, but these plans were soon scuppered as Lucy approached him.

“Hey baby, you had a good night?”

“So good! You did an amazing job putting all this together! Your grandma would have been so proud of you!” Steve replied.

“Aww thanks hun I really think she’d have loved it! I cant believe how much that guy bid on the weekend away! I think he alone is half the money we raised!”

“Hey listen Stevie, I know I said that I’d be good to go as soon as everyone had left and the band were loaded out but I figured if I did the cleaning up tonight then we could spend all day tomorrow together. Is that ok with you?”

Cleaning up!? What did she mean cleaning up? Steve had assumed that the staff would take care of all that!

“Erm... yeah, no that’s fine babe, no worries. Do you want me to stick around or should I come back for you when your done?” He was really hoping she’d opt for the latter!

“Well, and I know this is a bit cheeky babe, but I was kind of hoping you’d help!” she said with a little twinkle in her eye


“Ok cool” lied Steve trying to hide the overpowering mixture of fear, excitement and embarrassment that was currently forming at an alarming rate in the pit of his gut.

“So what exactly are we cleaning up?” he asked timidly. His worst fears confirmed by her reply!

“Well, the hotel staff will take care of the tableware and glasses and all that. I imagine they will do the streamers too as they’ll have ladders. So we just need to get rid of all of these balloons” Lucy beamed with an almost knowing smile!

“I think if we go around the room and round up all the helium ones, if we bring them all over to the arch then it will minimalize the mess we make for the cleaners yeah? You start over in that corner and get all the ones on the tables and I’ll grab the ones around the room, then we can do them all over there!” It was almost as if there was a hint of excitement in her eyes. Steve was really struggling to contain himself, his knees were weak and he was almost shaking. There was something about the way that she spoke so nonchalantly about bringing all of these balloons to their demise that really added to his excitement.

“Uhh yeah ok, sure” Steve obeyed and made his way over to the furthest table in the corner of the hall. At this point, the hotel staff had all left. They were no doubt busy in another area of the hotel, meaning that Steve and Lucy had the room all to themselves. As Steve approached the third table and reached for the ribbons, there was an almighty BANG that caused him to jump! He spun round just in time to catch Lucy giggle and unclench her hands amongst one of the bouquets, a limp shred of rubber fell lifelessly to the floor in front of her as she glanced over at Steve with a devilish grin on her face.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t resist” she teased. Steve was still in shock but his pants were beginning to fill with his no longer flaccid manhood

“There’s just something about bursting balloons that, I dunno, it’s just so much fun! Making such a loud pop from such an insignificant object! Don’t you think?”

“Reminds me of back in the day at school. There would always be balloon games at Christmas, so much fun! I used to get a kick out of teasing the scaredy cats with the balloons! There was always one!” Steve could feel all of the blood in his body rushing south! This was hot! Really hot!

“I might have been one of the ‘scaredy cats’ to be honest” he admitted sheepishly

“But I know what you mean, it’s sort of exciting when they pop!” Steve was seriously considering coming clean to Lucy about his fetish now. What could possibly go wrong? But would she think it was weird still? Just because she enjoyed bursting balloons doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be weirded out by him getting sexually excited about it! What if she thought he liked balloons more than her!?

Steve’s brain was going into overload with all of the possibilities of him coming clean to his new partner. He was so deep in contemplation that he didn’t notice Lucy fiddling with another of the balloons in the bouquet she had been holding. Suddenly there was a high pitched squeak as she let some of the helium out of the neck. Steve snapped out of his deep thoughts in time to see Lucy put the balloon to her lips. He watched in awe as she sucked in a lungful of helium.

“Come on scaredycat!” she teased in a high pitched voice.

“We haven’t got all night!” and with that she winked at him and continued to collect the bouquets from around the room, the open one still pinched shut in her other hand.
After 5 minutes or so of collecting bouquets and moving them to the door, they were all rounded up. There must have been around 500! Way more than Steve had thought originally. Every now and then, Lucy would inhale some helium, single handed pull a balloon down to her midriff and then claw it with her nails until BANG! And then giggle squeakily from the helium.
Every time she did this, it would catch Steve off guard. The natural acoustics of the hall made them so loud!

“How shall we do these suckers then loverboy?” Steve was practically ready to fill his pants!

“Erm Lucy... There’s something I think I shou...” Lucy cut him off mid sentence, placing her index finger on his lips as if to shush him. As she did so, she moved closer to him. Wrapping one arm around the small of his back, eyes locked on his, she slowly brought the now barely inflated helium balloon to her lips and seductively blew a huge lungful of air into it. Steve was trapped like a rabbit in the headlights. Lucy forced another lungful of air into the balloon. And another, the whole time her seductive gaze never broke from his. As she emptied another large breath into the rapidly growing sphere, she slid her hand around Steve’s side and down to his crotch. Her eyes lit up with a certain deviousness as she gently caressed his rock hard package. Two more breaths and the balloon was full. If anything it was bigger than before but all Steve could do was gaze longingly into his lovers eyes. Lucy lowered the balloon from her lips just long enough to bite her bottom lip.

“I know” she uttered reassuringly. And with that she drew a huge breath, returned the oversized metallic balloon to her lips and blew.
Fffpphhhww-POP! The balloon burst into a thousand tiny silver fragments of rubber that showered down around them. Steve is in complete awe! He didn’t even have time to flinch. They stood silent for a few seconds looking intently into each others eyes before Steve pulled the sultry vixen in for a long, passionate embrace. Their lips interlocked as they both frantically clutched each other. Suddenly Lucy pushed away and broke the lustful embrace.

“I wanna do another” she announced with intent. As she grabbed carelessly for another, her nail caught the neck and the balloon squeaked in protest before erupting with another deafening BANG!

“EURGH” Lucy groaned as she grabbed for another.

“Gotcha” Steve watched on as she expertly removed the balloon from its plastic stopper.

“Im gonna blow it till it bursts! Right in my mouth” and with that, she inserting the nozzle of the all ready over inflated balloon into her mouth and blew.
Fphhhhwwwwwww, Fphhhhwwww-BANG! The balloon exploded with just as much force as the last.

“Mmmhh yeah” she moaned. At this point, Steve was beyond speechless!

“Lucy, I uh...” He trailed off. She grabbed another balloon and slowly dug her nails. They barely made a dent in the latex before BANG! She reached for another, BANG! And another, BANG! Lucy pulled one more down on its ribbon and pulled it into her chest in a tight hug.

“Hey Steve” she looked up at him from the balloon that was clearly about to meet its end.

“How about we save some of these to take away with us? Have some fun in the bedroom huh?”

To Be Continued...

Strel0k 16-02-2020 06:56 PM

Re: Party's over!
This is fantastic!

Bubblyzzz 16-02-2020 10:09 PM

Re: Party's over!
keep going :)

Ballonblazer 16-02-2020 10:42 PM

Re: Party's over!
WAUW !!!
Realy love the cruel nailpopping

Infl8 16-02-2020 11:42 PM

Re: Party's over!
This is a really nice story. I was wondering, will any printed balloons make it into future chapters?

faust 27-04-2021 10:37 AM

Re: Party's over!
Very nice story ! Can't wait for the next chapter !
I remember the story "a day in the life of" is there a way to find it now ? I see it is no longer available

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