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Joe Mamma 31-05-2020 06:35 PM

Party Store Girlfriend (Part 2)

I had some requests for a part 2, so here goes. In part 1, my girlfriend Jen lost a bet where she said she could do a blow to pop with “any balloon, any time.” So, I tied her to the bed, blindfolded her, and gave her a 24” balloon to “do her thing” with. I also went down on her, and made her cum a few times while she was trying to do this “any balloon, any time” B2P with no hands. She failed, and as a result owes me one hour of oral sex every day for a week.

Day 1: We were at her apartment finishing up our dinner. We sat on the couch, and started kissing (If you haven’t figured it out yet, she has quite the oral fixation. Her mouth always needs to be doing something). She told me she had something fun planned for my hour of oral. I thought about saying something about her not having to go through with it. But knowing her personality, she would say she lost fair and square, and would never welch on a bet. So I asked her what, and she told me it was a surprise. She did let on that she already had the ropes fastened to the corners of the bed. I told her I saw them last trip I made to the bathroom. She told me that I couldn’t guess in a million years what she had planned. I was extremely curious, and my penis told her I was ready for whatever. She bent her head down to my lap, pulled my cock out of my shorts, and told me how much she loved making love to me with her mouth. She kissed the head of my cock. I thought I would squirt all over her right then. She ordered me to strip and report to the bedroom. I said “Yes Ma’am,” and did as I was told.

As I lay face up on the bed, she asked me if I remembered her being gone the previous Saturday for some type of school. I answered her that I did. As she talked, she was tying my hands to the corners of her bed. She told me that she had taken a survival knot tying course which was tough by a former Army Ranger. She had learned all these new knots that make it impossible for someone to escape, once tied. By the time I looked at my wrists, I was already stuck. She spread my legs as wide as they would go, and started on my ankles. They got the same treatment. She then secured ropes from my knees to the side of the bed, so there was no way I would be able to close my legs. I love bondage, and felt more helpless than I ever had before. Jen told me to struggle for her. I did, but got nowhere fast. She gave me an evil laugh, and then engulfed one of my big toes with her mouth very slowly, as I watched. She smiled, and told me to think about how good it will feel when she does that to my cock. My throbbing cock voiced its own opinion by bouncing around.

Jen came up to my head, and deposited pussy over my face. I got enough of a lick to taste how turned on she was. She then got off me, and said too bad you’re not going to be able to see what’s about to happen to you. With that, she produced a blindfold. She put it over my forehead, then waved bye-bye to me as she lowered it over my eyes. Just as I had done to her, she got off the bed, and was silent. I was dying for her to touch me anywhere, but especially my throbbing cock. She then laid on top of me one of those 8 ft. weather balloons attached to a hose. I told her that the balloon felt like it was huge, even though it was still flat. She explained to me that the balloon was attached to a compressor which would inflate the balloon very, very slowly. Her friend who was a meteorologist showed her how to change the settings on the compressor to where the balloon would inflate slowly, so that it would reach it’s bursting radius in about one hour. Jen turned the compressor on, and the balloon began slowly filling with air. Jen set her phone to alarm in one hour. Before the balloon got too big, Jen told me Day One would consist of her using her tongue only. We would see who popped first; me, or the giant weather balloon. ………..

She then proceeded to lay on the bed in between my legs, and I soon felt the familiar touch of her tongue on my balls. Jen was literally making love to my cock, balls, and ass with her tongue only. As the balloon inflated, we realized it was going to cover both of our bodies, and the size of the balloon would cause Jen’s head to be “stuck” in between my legs. As the balloon inflated the pressure against my body from the balloon increased. The sheer size of the balloon held her head against my body. She was MMMM-ing as she always does when loving me. Her tongue felt incredible, even as she as she fought for room with the balloon. I couldn’t see, but I assumed the balloon had reached the ceiling. I started doing Math in my head realizing that an 8 ft. balloon on top of a bed in a bedroom that was only 9 ft. high. Once the balloon reached the ceiling, it could only grow horizontally. As it did, Jen became trapped under it. She didn’t seem to care, as she continued her pleasing me. She started licking the spot under my balls, and I thought I would cum. She knew I was close, and kept changing tactics. The balloon had so much pressure on both of us. We had no clue when it would burst. Jen fought the balloon for room, and started licking up my shaft. The balloon was already holding the head of my cock down. The entire room was filled with this giant balloon, as we heard things being knocked of the nightstands. I started in with OMGs, and Jen knew this was it. She stopped licking, and put my balls in her mouth. Her tongue did crazy things to my balls, while the balloon continued its unrelenting pressure on my cock. That did me in, and I started squirting. Jen continued swirling her tongue while massaging my balls inside of her mouth. Everything felt awesome……..

Only one problem, the balloon was still growing. Jen had to fight the balloon with her head to get back to where she could lick my cock. She finally realized she couldn’t and settled on continuing to please my balls and ass. She went back to the spot under my balls. My cock had softened some, but was still semi-rigid. The balloon kept continuous pressure on my cock while Jen worked my balls and ass. Jen couldn’t get free from the pressure of the balloon, and told me we had no choice but to wait till it burst. It grew another 10 minutes before it finally popped, and we laughed hoping the neighbors didn’t think it was a gunshot. Once Jen was free, she went up and started nibbling on the head of my cock. She reached up, and slid my blindfold off. With my cock back in her mouth, she mumbled, asking, “What did I think of Day One?” I told her there was no possible way she could top that. Of course, I have learned to never tell Jen “never.”

Feedback please!!

loonerfun00 31-05-2020 08:15 PM

Re: Party Store Girlfriend (Part 2)
My only feedback to you is:

Please write more!!

Seriously, this is awesome. Now of course there are small grammatical mistakes but who cares about those.


Her tongue felt incredible, even as she as she fought
"as she" repeated.


which was tough by a former Army Ranger
taught instead of tough

and you might have double posted by mistake.

I really like the story so far.

I have a thing for oral sex and mouth inflation too, so I really enjoyed your story.

BigBreathless 01-06-2020 06:38 AM

Re: Party Store Girlfriend (Part 2)
Fantastic work! I love it :)

Ballonblazer 01-06-2020 06:46 AM

Re: Party Store Girlfriend (Part 2)

Smothered by tits 24-06-2020 08:07 AM

Re: Party Store Girlfriend (Part 2)
Loving the series so far keep it up.
Favorite part so far.

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