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balloonrider 06-10-2020 06:45 PM

Birthday boy part 2
I feel happy as I pack my suitcase, knowing what awaits me at home. But first it is a trip on the airport train and of course the flight back home. I check out and make my way to the train-station. As i board the train, the phone lights up again. I sit alone and open the snapchat from Sarah, its a photo of our bedroom, now filled from floor to ceiling with balloons, i see Q24s, GL 900s, longnecks, and hundreds of belbal 14" and qualatex 16". Again my throbbing member starts to come alive. The next message simply says sound on - I grab my headphones, and the next message is a video. Sarah walks through the balloons, squeaking and smiling at me, "hey babe, just wanted to let you know that the bedroom is now complete. I am now going to prepare the shower for you ". She enters the bathroom, where our shower is completely stuffed full of Q16, all dangerously overinflated, "mmm mmm mmm" she says. The last video she sends me is from the kitchen, she has lined up some champagne glasses, and set the table. She turns to me and says - get changed boyfriend, into those dirty big boxers and get ready to be picked up from the airport.

The train arrives at the airport, I rush of and grab my carry on suitcase. It is only a 45 minute flight home. I speed through the fast track security and head for the lounge. I enjoy a glass of wine and make my way to the restrooms. I unzip my trousers and get changed into the cumstained XXXXXL boxershorts. Then its a hassle to fold it into my trousers so it looks normal. I send her a snap with the cumstianed shorts, and say I will be on time.

During the flight i doze off and sleep for 30 minutes, I wake up as we touch the ground. I feel horny just by thinking of what awaits. As I enter the arrivals area I see Sarah, beautiful as always, long brown hair and barely 160 cm above the ground. Happy birthday she yells, we kiss and hug. Lets go she is almost running towards the car, I cant wait I say. We live a bit of a drive from the airport. And our house is located on a private estate in the woods. After 20 minutes she pulls over to the side of the road. She smiles again and says pants of mister, and that cum stained balloon of yours where is it. I smile and says in my suitcase. She grabs the suitcase out of the trunk as I get out of my pants. She hurries in the car again. Strokes my dick slowly and puts the balloon into my pants. She gives it a few blows and says " this is going to get huge" she pulls out a battery driven pump and a long hose, she hooks it up to the balloon and we drive off.

As she is driving she pushes the pump on and off, the balloon springs to life and is getting bigger than before. She inflates and lets go multiple times but the balloon is constantly pressing hard against my crotch. This process takes about 15 minutes as we now are pulling in on our private road. I moan and says I cant take it much longer. She speeds up, but keep reinflating and deflating the balloon. Finally we pull up at the house. She turns of the engine, lets the air out of the balloon and kisses me slowly. She then locks the cardoors, turns the pump on full. Air rushes into the balloon which now is bulging out around my thighs and the neck pokes towards my chest. This is going to be loud she says. The balloon explodes into a million pieces, as it burst so do I and the boxershorts rips in two. I am sweaty, the car covered in balloon fragments and cumstains.

Happy birthday she whispers - I hope it has been good so far.

To be continued

Kbeecher 07-10-2020 02:02 PM

Re: Birthday boy part 2
Very nice!

Ballonblazer 07-10-2020 02:22 PM

Re: Birthday boy part 2
oh my... please go on !!!
I hope there will be sharp nail teasing as well

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