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sonarloon 15-10-2020 04:17 AM

New m/m story
Hey there,
I'm back with a new story. A user here wanted to see a male male story, so I figured I'd give it a try.
Spelling errors, grammar issues and softness aside, here goes. Enjoy!
"Hey Tracy, you ready?" Philip, Tracy's long time crush was waiting for him at the entryway of his small apartment.
Tracy was extremely nervous. He knew it wasn't an official date or anything, but he knew Philip knew his feelings for him, and he wanted to present himself to his highest potential
"Almost!" He may or may not have told a little white lie, crammed into his small-ish closet furiously trying to decide on what to wear.
Philip's laughter echoed lightly through the hallway and right to his chest. That sound was the highlight of his day. Mind made up, he exited the closet and hurriedly began getting ready, for real.
Tracy's eyes went wide upon greeting Phil in the hallway. Sure, he was dressed in what he'd consider casual attire but he looked beyond stunning to him. Casual attire for Tracy meant a t-shirt and shorts. To Phil in Tracy's eyes it looked like he was taking him on a really expensive business trip.
"Ok." Phil began after a few seconds of silence. "Did I mismatch my shoes? Do I have something on my shirt? Leave that to me." He chuckled as Tracy smiled.
"You look great Phil" he managed, then grabbed his keys and phone, heading out the door with the taller man not too far behind.
The reality of, fuck, this guy's way out of my league hit Tracy square in the chest as Philip locked the front door for him. In his driveway was a Dodge Hellcat. That's all he really knew, he was horrible at distinguishing differences from one year run to the next. Looking at the car itself and through the open driver's window Tracy found it had all the options and extras possible.
Phil joined Tracy who seemed oblivious to his presence and smiled. "Oh, she's my noisemaker. When Friday hits and I'm done trading for the week I hit town with this and make some noise."
Tracy laughed as the two of them walked towards the car and entered. When they were buckled in Phil started the engine, which roared to life and echoed off the walls of all the nearby complexes, startling a woman walking her dog and a few kids playing outdoors about 30 yards away. the two of them laughed at all the reactions and drove off.
A few minutes of mostly red lights and lighthearted conversation later they pulled up into a parking spot outside the nearby mall and exited the car.
"You said the game store is which way?" Phil turned to Tracy who was right next to him, trying his damnest not to fall apart and start blushing.
"This way" He stuttered, leading the way. Phil was already enjoying his time with Tracy despite it only being a full 12 minutes. If he could pause such volatile time he gladly would trade everything he had, but he knew deep in his mind there were better moments to come.
Cramped in amongst the crowd Phil whispered in Tracy's ear. "Can you help me look for a controller? Mine finally gave out."
"Yeah sure, of course." Tracy had been here many times before, from game preorders to game consoles he knew this place pretty well.
In truth, Philip was here to get a hold of a second game controller, since he had lost his long ago, though his own was still quite functional. He just had to sneak this into the trip and not let Tracy in on it. He was looking forward to in-person gaming with him more than he could ever say.
"You hungry?" Phil turned in the direction of the food court and Tracy nodded. "Good, because I'm pretty sure I'm about to start eating my shoes."
As they were waiting in line Tracy kept noticing a few young looking gals eyeing what Tracy felt was already his. One was even trying to get his attention as she walked by, slowing down considerably for a better look... and completely forgetting about the tables she was right about to run into.
Run into it she did, causing it to wobble and spilling the contents of a now very unamused older couple's food and drink. The alpha in Tracy laughed to himself as he fought to hold it in.
"What, are you laughing at." Phil asked slightly amused himself. Tracy's smile widened as he asked the question. Phil could almost swear he was proposing to him right then and there. He vowed to himself he'd do his damnest to know every little way to make Tracy smile that way whenever either felt down.
Once seated Phil uncovered his steaming tray and Tracy did his as well. They began eating at once, enjoying the meal amidst there laughter and conversation. The alpha in Phil was barking so hard to come out but Phil was doing everything he could to quiet him down. Tracy noted the slight struggle though said nothing as he continued eating, instead noticing his pants were beginning to feel a little tighter between his thighs. He tried to distract himself by thinking of upcoming preorders and the food in front of him.
Phil could see Tracy's pretty pink face trying hard to keep distracted from his thoughts tumbling around in his head. Phil took the time to let him cool down and recover, checking his phone quickly then putting it away, more than likely without him even realizing it.
"I'll be right back" Phil said to Tracy as he was placing his tray on the table meant for tray return. He nodded as Phil turned to walk towards the mall beginning to wind down. Phil noticed and sped up his pace.
As he ran past all the stores blaring loud music and his nostrils under attack from so many storefronts he had noted it's location exactly, or so he hoped. He further hoped it wasn't closed yet. "Ah, there you are" he sighed with relief.
Phil had accidentally gotten Tracy a bit tipsy at there first informal date. He hadn't realized just how much of a lightweight Tracy was. He felt super guilty weeks after but learned one very important fact about him that no doubt was revealed in part due to the wine in him. Thankfully, they had a reserved area to themselves so he was the only one to hear his no doubt top secret confession he was never supposed to hear in the first place. What more could he do. He had been fired from his only job and his rent expired in two months. It felt like the perfect distraction until he learned those two things. then it became a mission of complete fascination, more than infatuation. Damn it, English! He was trying to search his brain for how to describe this and coming up short every time.
Phil entered the party store and the sent of latex hit him instantly. A pretty, petite redhead was in front of the helium tank filling up the last of a really big balloon, Phil couldn't say how big it was, it was definitely larger than any he had ever seen before. He'd seen some 16 inch ones at conventions and venues, this one was at least twice that, probably even bigger.
The girl caught him glancing and smiled sweetly. "These are 34 inchers," she stated. He looked at it and was amazed. Now he could see just why these brought immense comfort to Tracy.
"Never seen one that big" He finally managed. "Do you have anymore in stock?
"Sure we do! Better hurry, these go fast!" She began to tie the balloon off as he started heading towards the balloons. He thanked her as he found them. There were only 3 in stock, which he picked up.
He picked out other balloons of various sizes and shapes, amazed at the variety of balloons in this one store, noting it to himself to see how many different types of balloons he could find online.
"Wow, that's a lot of balloons." It was her again, at the cash register. Her smile never faded instead growing slightly as she scanned everything he picked out.
"Ah yeah, my company's funny. We always find impractical ways to host venues and big business meetings. Definitely helps us with sales and things since we're always the odd one out."
"That's amazing" she said demurely as she finished scanning the rest of Phil's purchase. He handed her a business card as they said there goodbyes and he headed out the door and ran towards the food court.
When he arrived he noticed Tracy was missing. At the table was a couple young kids playing on a tablet and amusing each other. He scanned the other tables and came up short.
Growing slightly concerned he started pacing around trying to figure out if he had done something wrong to make him run off and then the light bulb went off. "Bathrooms." He had started in that general direction when he noticed him walking towards him. Phil sighed with relief as Tracy smiled.
"Should have let you know, I'm sorry!" Tracy's smile turned into a blush as Phil neared. The two of them glanced at each other about 2 feet apart. For his part, Tracy wished Phil could turn that look on him in a less public setting and then pin him hard and take his entire length in one go.
Phil patted his shoulder, bringing him out of his thoughts. They made there way out of the mall and towards the car as the sun set the rest of the way.
Phil actually owned one other house other than the one he lived in though had no intentions of scaring Tracy off by taking him there immediately, even though it had a way better view. The choice definitely didn't go without much debate between his alpha and the more modest side of him, though.
Modest Phil won over, and so about 20 minutes later they arrived at a small driveway at the end of which was a modest (mostly) 3 bedroom 2 bathroom dwelling waiting for them. They were pretty far out from any major area which threw Tracy for a slight loop. He was used to some sense of rural, though this was a hole new meaning of in the middle of nowhere.
In the back of his mind Tracy was expecting something way beyond the insanity scale, though was inwardly relieved it looked like he could afford payments on a place like this, even though he knew Philip would never ask him to. As he was looking around at all the landscape around him a very familiar smell crept up on him and eventually brought him back. He could swear he had smelled it before and of course, it registered immediately. Latex.
He didn't get much time to breathe it in before Phil opened the car door and they both exited, heading towards the house. Tracy caught his pants pressing back at him hard and tried hard to hide it, which proved completely ineffective as there was nowhere for him to hide. He doubt Phil had seen it since he had just finished opening the door for them both and they both entered, Tracy closing the door behind him and still trying to figure out what to do about his growing bulge.
He looked around, there were a few paintings and photos on the wall as well as a security panel and a flat screen TV mounted on the wall. Directly across from the entrance was a corridor which lead to a couple doors, both closed. Off the side of the living room was another couple doors, and to Tracy's right was the kitchen.
As he looked around, his mind wouldn't shut up about perfect places where his mate could take him and make sweet love to him. He became aware of his bulge becoming a little painful and looked at Phil to notice he had noticed too, then promptly blushed, covering his face immediately afterward.
Tracy had made it very clear to him through messaging and face to face conversations he wanted to lose it to him. Tonight seemed like it would line up to be the night it would happen. Phil was eager too, and so leading him towards the master bedroom and locking the door behind him he set all there bags down and began searching for the precious treasure he had acquired earlier.
"I know how much these bring you comfort in times of need" he said nervously, bringing out a bag of 14 inch assorted balloons. Tracy's heart fluttered as he squeaked slightly, gently taking the offered bag. Opening it up he selected a red one, not quite knowing what to do.
Phil sat on the bed as Tracy inflated the balloon shyly, adoring the way his cheeks puffed up under the pressure of inflating it. Amazing how such simple objects can bring people so much comfort and potentially pleasure. Phil's thoughts of people and money were interrupted by squeaks from the balloon as Tracy began to tie it off.
Phil thought he loved the smile earlier. The sparkle in Tracy's eyes as he held the newly inflated balloon in his arms was even better than that. Phil beckoned him closer, feeling his pants pressing back at his bulge soon after, needing him now.
He stood up and helped Tracy get his pants down and off his waistline, followed by his boxers. He then guided him onto the bed and knelt between his thighs, still holding the balloon, although it was slightly in the way of his destination. Phil took the time to look at his member standing fully upright and dying to know what he tasted like.
He wanted to test him. Gently taking the balloon he hovered it inches above his penis, then a few inches within his nose. He pressed it down hard over his member and felt it stiffen even more, then lifted it up and sat it next to him on the bed, where he watched it gently bounce around for a few seconds and eventually settle onto Tracy's left hip.
"Let me help you feel, relaxed" he breathed into the empty room, and took the tip into his mouth. All the sudden Tracy was thrown into a whirlwind of pleasure unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He couldn't even manage to say anything. Feeling Philip's expert tongue and his lips all around him was beyond this world.
Philip slurped up all the pre-cum and when his load finally hit he did his best to swallow all of it, wanting to waste none of it. Sure, Tracy hadn't lasted as long as he had hoped but he knew he would build up endurance over more long term exposure. The first half of his agenda was complete, now was the harder part, no pun intended.
"Tracy, love can you lie down?" Philip had been seated next to Tracy as he wound down from his orgasm. Phil stood up and held the balloon, smelling his pre-cum on it as Tracy adjusted himself on the bed. When he felt he looked comfortable Phil noticed he hadn't even stripped yet and set out to remitty that.
Phil got into the bed with him and took him into his arms, feeling on him and nuzzling him, skin on skin, nothing separating them now. His penis shot right between Tracy's thighs and Phil let out a pleased sigh, feeling Tracy's solid muscular thighs envelop him. Tracy lowered his leg and squeezed slightly, feeling the warm length pulsing between his thighs and wanting it so badly inside him.
Tracy gave him one last heartfelt kiss before turning around to expose himself to him. "This is it," He thought as he got into position. He was incredibly nervous as Phil fetched lubricant and applied it to himself. He warmed some up in his hands and applied some in liberal amounts to Tracy as well.
"You say you've experimented down here?" Phil wanted to make sure this wasn't Tracy's first time being penetrated and had experience with toys. Tracy nodded, and Phil got into position. Phil hooked his arm around him and kissed his neck as he angled his cock slowly with Tracy's entrance. He reassured Tracy and whispered him comforting words as he ever so gently introduced his length into him.
Noticing him starting to tense up he pulled back out and held him close. "What's wrong," He asked, concern evident in his voice.
"It's too much," He replied biting back slight amounts of pain. "Your so fucking big." Phil hugged him and reassured him he was ok. Phil wanted to take this slow, and so he'd introduce him to anal play a little bit at a time. He couldn't deny it felt fucking amazing, his tight virgin ass felt so good around him.
Half an hour of general chit chat had gone by since there last attempt. Tracy felt he was ready and got himself back into position. Phil reached down to pick up the balloon and handed it to him gingerly. He knew how much of a calming effect it would have on him. As Tracy Cradled the balloon, Phil re-applied lubricant to the both of them and slowly, carefully, got back into position.
He reached his arm around Tracy's chest, feeling his heartbeat and the balloon a few inches lower in his arms.
"Ready love?" Phil hadn't even finished the word ready when he saw his mate relax and melt completely in the affects of the balloon and Phil's love and affection. And so gingerly he slid inside Tracy's tight entrance with minor effort, feeling the muscles around his shaft pulsing and contracting.
Tracy hugged the red balloon as he was being taken so beautifully by his better half. His heart swelled with love for him as he felt his length moving inside him.
"I'm gonna go faster, if that's ok with you? Philip panted through his strokes to Tracy. Thing is, even if you were to ask Tracy the simplest of Trivia for the craziest of prizes, at this moment in time he would fail it, knowing only the pure pleasure and very minor soreness he was experiencing.
Philip sped up his strokes slightly, feeling himself getting closer. "That's it, mine. How does this feel?" The dom in Phil wanted out so badly and he was starting to lose control rather quickly as his orgasm neared.
"C cum... Cum in me..." Tracy pleaded through his moans. He felt Phil increase his speed, no doubt getting closer. He was becoming a bit more aware of the pain starting to increase. As the strokes got faster he had to voice it to Phil, who slammed on his internal breaks and withdrew, concerned.
"Don't stop, just please don't go that fast..." Philip apologized and kissed him anywhere he could reach. Tracy's moans filled the air as Philip began making love to him once again at a safer tempo.
As Phil began to cum inside his strokes slowed to a stop, feeling his cum as it left his penis. Tracy could feel it too, the warm pulsing length inside him filling him up so well. He hugged his balloon even tighter, causing it to squeak.
"I fucking love you Phil," Tracy whispered as he came down from his second high that night.
"I fucking love you too," Philip replied. Slowly he withdrew completely and helped Tracy on top of him as he lay on his back. The two of them lay there, sharing a deep, intimate kiss neither one wanted to end. Tracy ground slowly against his mate as the kiss intensified and Phil smiled, helping him down onto his side.
The two of them went for a cleanup, delighted they were finally a couple after all these months waiting. It was well past midnight by the time lights went out in the bedroom and they were sleeping peacefully, Phil spooning Tracy protectively and him holding onto a sapphire blue 9 inch balloon through the night, the 14 incher having been deflated as a memento.
Although Philip had dreams for the two of them, right here and now he was content having this adorable, near-broke all American boy in his arms to love. His family had always wanted him to marry rich, and although he had twice before, he couldn't recall ever finding in all his riches what he found in Tracy.
And then he factored in Tracy's interest of balloons. All it took to make Tracy feel loved, happy and comforted were balloons, which were laughably cheap. If there was one rule he would always follow is there would never be a lack of balloons in his household for them to share. It was truly a humbling moment for him and would continue to be for there years together.

balloonpopper 15-10-2020 05:30 AM

Re: New m/m story
Great story. Hope there will be a sequel...

sonarloon 15-10-2020 08:33 AM

Re: New m/m story
hi there,
@balloonpopper I'm not sure. I kinda just hammered it out in a day. Looking back I do wish I would have been able to fit in more balloon play.
It's possible I may revisit Phil and Tracy some time in the future, though at the moment I'm undecided on what I'll write next. I've got a few story ideas in mind I want to put here.
I really feel like a personal introduction and my discovery should be a higher priority as compared to what it is right now it's pretty much at the very end of that list. Lol.
Just curious, knowing my writing style, maybe? What do you guys want to see me write next. I have I think two more stories posted here across the finishline and across the sand, and there's one more that's way way back when I first tried writing a story and posting it.
Take care.
***edit*** Oops, just realized across the finishline is not yet published here. I'll have to investigate why.

bfinch2000 20-10-2020 10:47 AM

Re: New m/m story
hey, it was me who was saying about there being more m/m content. thanks so much! it was really cool, so a sequel/next installment would be great, with more balloons of course! :D

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