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Harley 30-10-2020 10:54 PM

Thar She Blows! - A Blowgirls story
Happy Halloween! It's getting to be a regular tradition for me to do a story for the season. And here's another! It features quite a lot of advertising balloons and a rather sizeable inflatable, too.


The full story can be found here:

and the rest of the series in the same folder:

Gonna drop an excerpt here, introducing the abovementioned balloons...

Another shipment held the custom print balloons Kriss had sent for - a full thousand 11-inch pearlescent pastels in five different colors.
I still wasn’t sure the motif was a suitable choice - stylized silhouettes of the pair linking one hand behind their backs and grasping their instrument of choice in the other. The contours sort of implied nudity, which was all very well for a duo best known for “music to make love to”, but it was the placement of the trombone and trumpet that gave me pause. To call the positions and angles ‘mildly phallic’ would be an understatement and I brought that to Kriss’ attention even before she sent it to the printer’s.
“Besides”, I added, “the slide appears to come out of your ass”.
“Continued on front”, she said. “I don’t think it’s so bad. And Lex’ trumpet can’t be mistaken for anything else either.”
“Thank god for those arms. An inch less and that mouthpiece would have looked like a buttplug.”
“More like an inflation valve.”
“Speaking of that, you wanna put these on balloons?”
She nodded. “Yeah! Can’t make good portraits and plain text’s so boring. Thought you were the expert on combining ‘sex sells’ and loons.”
“I was thinking about image distortion.”
“We’ll just get bigger and curvier, right?”
I couldn’t say but was pretty sure it wouldn’t stop there. We’d already had the artist de-emphasize Lexi’s outlines for being too much.
“Maybe. It’s your call though, but I will say this only once - you are not using the words ‘brass balls’ in any connection with this.”
“The thought never crossed my mind”, Kriss said. “Unfortunately. What about ‘trom-boner’?”
“Old”, I told her, “and inappropriate.”
“So what do you suggest?”
Just their stage names, which is what she went with in the end. Now, looking very small and simplified on the empty balloons, the black figures didn’t seem so bad at all.
Kriss grabbed a whitish one and blew a huge breath into it. The image stretched out along with the rubber and soon the printed performers were on full display in all their inflated glory.
“Wa-ha-hey! Check it out, Lex! Cool, huh?”
Alex nodded and began blowing up a pink counterpart. It expanded neatly, proving that the one Kriss was holding wasn’t a fluke. The portraits of the ladies weren’t as disfigured as I’d anticipated.
“Me too”, Kim stated and grabbed a blue balloon. As it whooshed into shape I figured I should try one as well and went for light green.
I’ve always wondered why pearlies seem so easy to inflate. Must be something with whatever gives that muted sheen. But you know that feeling as they expand, like they’re in no hurry to shrink back? Once stretched they stay stretched - a deflated one is a truly sad sight. Makes even me agree with Mandy’s feelings for empty balloons - you simply want to blow them back up out of pity. And they actually go ‘pop’ when they burst - not bang, not boom, not poof. Just that neat, balloony explody noise.
They might not be my favorites, but they’re very sympathetic.

Four of them were now freshly inflated and provided a lovely palette on the table. While the rest of us studied them from different angles, Kim stared at the loons for a long time. The corner of her mouth started to twitch and suddenly she couldn’t keep the laugh in anymore. She had a good guffaw and I knew, just knew, that there must be a hidden meaning in that picture.
“You guys haven’t dated any looners, right?”
“Think we’ve been lying all along?”
“No, just making sure you’ve never seen a guy hump a balloon.”
“Not up close, no. Or in real life.”
Kriss shook her head too and Kim went on.
“Well, look at the size of the print…”
It took me two seconds to catch her drift and then my eyes shut on their own accord.
“Oh god.”
The distance between Kriss’ and Lexi’s portraits were just above the width of what I would call an average erection. And since both were reaching out towards the middle there could as well have been a sign reading ‘Place hard-on here’.
Now, I know most people would never have a single thought in that direction. But I also know the ones who already have an interest won’t need much help to imagine the possibilities. And once seen it couldn’t be unseen.
“Did you think of that when you ordered them?” Kim asked.
“No”, Kriss admitted quite shamelessly. “But now that you mention it it’s pretty obvious.”
“They will get used for that”, Alex said, a veteran of many camshows with associated chat windows.
“There’s only one thing to do”, Kim stated.
I groaned. “Scrap the whole batch?”
“Noo!” She bopped me on the head with the balloon. “Test the humpability, of course.”
“What color do you want?” Kriss' hand was already in the box, her eyes on me with an unspoken promise to blow up whichever I chose.
Lexi cut ahead in the line. “Gonna try purple myself.”
Seeing all three on board made it easy to play along.
“Pink, please”, I said as demurely as I could, and had one expertly inflated for me in less than six seconds.
Then the former camgirls gave a few demonstrations of how to do it just right, all of which I had seen before but never would tire of watching. Then they undressed to go at it for real.
Me and Kriss followed suit, and even if the balloons weren’t the bounciest they were firm and smooth and strong enough to take a bit of action. And easy to replace. I outlasted my pink one but not its white successor, and Lexi went through three before she was done.
The blondes proved their wantonness by coming from fucking their first loons, but that could have something to do with being fondled, groped and kissed at the same time. Though of course the greedy hussies went for seconds. Not that I complain, since that meant more for me as well. And when we finished by thrusting to pop on purpose, the material didn’t even sting the skin much when it snapped to pieces.
As I said, very sympathetic.

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