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Waterwing24 15-11-2020 06:20 PM

The Inflatable firecracker fetish
For my next story I have included more intimate and torturous moments. This is written in first person as well. Hope you all enjoy this story.

]The Inflatable firecracker fetish

One afternoon I'm in Emily's house with my armbands and she is jerking me off. I know about her firecrackers but never seen them before. Suddenly I get aroused and start snogging her, making her annoyed. She has more restraint and just gives me a warning. Unfortunately I do not heed the warning and end up angering her, making her snap and she stormed out the room momentarily.
Emily returns shortly afterwards, wearing something sexy, which surprises me. She’s got a box with her, intriguing me. Naturally Emily isn't messing around as she jumps onto the bed and instantly makes me her's. she's got armbands in the box, that she takes out, grabs my arms and puts them on me. At first I’m delighted but wary as something seemed out of place for the situation.
Just then she pulls out thick rope and ties me to the bedframe and pulls out two firecrackers, one for each armband. She moves over to my right arm, puts the firecracker inside the armband and holds it in place while she inflates each chamber, then moves round to the other one.
I then tremble in fear asking what she was doing. She says that she is punishing me for disobedience. She's got a little something else in the box she brought in with her. At this point I could make a pretty educated guess as to what it was.
Surprisingly I guess incorrectly as she pulls out a box of matches instead of the lighter. She opens the box and pulls a match out. She holds it in front of my frightened face.
As if to tease me, she rubs it up and down my body, and around my cock, which twitches with excitement. Emily then drags it up my body until it reaches my nicely tight armbands. She sensually rubs the match on them, while smiling wickedly. After this she positions herself on top of me, not on top of my cock, but on top of my chest, with her legs at her side.
She takes the box and slowly rubs the match against the side, as I continued to tremble with fear. I knew what was coming next, as all of a sudden she quickly strikes the match against the side of the box, igniting it with a hiss and a crackle. She holds the match close to my face, but not close enough to harm me, before moving it towards my armbands.
Emily was careful enough not to melt the armbands as she aimed at the firecrackers inside them. I plead with her to forgive me as I didn't mean to anger her, as I was only wanting some lovely kissing action between us. I then start sobbing uncontrollably as she brings the match closer to the firecrackers.
Before lighting them, keeping the match in place, she moves closer to my face, making eye contact she asks, "Just wanted kissing action, you say?” “Well then you can have it!"
She leans in for a kiss, as I close my eyes, taking in the feel of her lips against mine. But she has other things in mind. While distracted she lights one of the firecrackers. Sneakily moving the still lit match behind her back and into her other hand, as she opens her eyes to focus on the other firecracker and light it.
I am still too horny and in love with her luscious lips to notice the firecrackers, as I still kept my eyes closed as she moves backwards to finish the kiss.
I Suddenly hear a small crackling sound, as I reopen my eyes, discovering that both firecrackers were armed as the fuses run down. This causes me to panic as I start hyperventilating, which she has never seen me do before, making her fear for me.
She's a bit concerned at this point, on one hand she needs to punish me, but maybe this was a little too extreme? Surely there are other ways? This seems to be genuinely scaring him, she thought to herself. My panic attack gets so much worse, and Emily doesn’t expect it to end any time soon.
Emily decided it best to put the firecrackers out as this wasn't going to get her anywhere. She then unties me and removes the armbands and dead firecrackers, before I run out of the room and lock myself in the bathroom as I begin to cry uncontrollably.

Emily sits on her bed for a moment, contemplating what she's done. she realises it was all very unnecessary, what she had just done. She's realized that she had made enough of a mess and decided it would be best to apologise to me.
She gets up from the bed, and knocks on the bathroom door. There is no answer, as she simply hears more heart-breaking tears. She sits down outside, understanding that I didn’t want to see her right now.
She apologises from outside, explaining it was wrong and selfish of her to do what she had done. she tells me that she’d never expected that kind of terrifying reaction. She then gets up as she says she'll be waiting in her bedroom for me, when I’m ready to come out.
Emily went back into her bedroom and while she waits, she opened her drawers, taking out all her deflated armbands as she scattered them across the bedroom floor and over her bed itself then proceeds to strip herself naked.
After that she tied one of her hands to the bedroom, with great difficulty. However she couldn't tie her other arm, but thought, “Christopher could do that for me.”
Eventually I emerge from the bathroom, still shaking considerably. Unsure how to cope with what had occurred, I proceed to Emily's room to talk to her. Seeing her bedroom covered in armbands excites me slightly, raising my cock slightly, but I still feel unsure of myself.
I then approach a fully naked Emily and quietly ask for her to get dressed as I need to talk, without any sexual distractions, including the armbands.
Visibly disappointed, she agrees to do so, She tells me that she respects my needs. Emily then asks for help untying her arm, as she admits it was stupid to do anything sexual straight away. I don’t blame her, but tell her that it was inappropriate at the current time, given the situation that had occurred beforehand.
After I untie her, she puts her armbands away and puts her dressing gown on. She then sits gingerly on the bed beside me, as I begin talking. First I apologise for the rough kissing.
I then explain to her that I felt a need to have a few days away from her, to clear my head. Visibly upset Emily begins to sob as she looks into my eyes.
After a short while she wipes away her tears and nods her head in agreement. Emily tells me there was no need to apologise as she should have never taken any kind of anger out on me in the first place.
Emily then says that, if I felt, it was best to have a few days away from her, she'll respect that decision. I begin to cry as I begin to regret saying that I needed time away. Emily hugs me tightly, lifts my head up, and stares into my deep blue eyes.
"I feel it's best, if you take this time away from everything to focus on your own mental and physical wellbeing.” “I understand it can be painful to do, but you'll feel much better afterwards.” “I’ll still be here when you get back, unless in that time you choose to continue your life without me.” “I'll respect any decision you make as long as you are sure that’s what you truly want.”
I look into her eyes and say, "I'm so sorry for the way things happened between us." "I want to stay with you, if you'll let me, but you must promise me, no matter what, you'll never use firecrackers on me ever again, unless I somehow give you specialist permission." "Deal?"
I put my hand out to her as I wait for her response. In my mind I worry greatly that I've destroyed our friendship together as I await her answer. She places her hands onto me and replies, "Deal.” “You can stay if you want to.” “You don't need my permission as it's not my decision to make.” “And...” “And I promise never to use my firecrackers again.” “In fact I promise to never use them on you at all, even with your permission.”
“I can tell they frighten you.” “There's nothing wrong with that baby, but I cannot see playing with them ever being good for you.” I tell her that I want to get over my fear of them but I need her help to do so, once the situation between us is better.
I then kiss her lips before drawing back with deep embarrassment due to the earlier events. She understands my embarrassment and worry, but leans back into a long kiss, signifying that she was happy to receive the kiss.
After a few moments she pulls back, promising to help me overcome my fear. She tells me that she won't hesitate to stop if I was too scared. I thank her as I say, "I think we should sleep for a while before we do anything more, as we’ll need as much focus for things to workout successfully. " Emily nods her head as the two friends tuck themselves into the bed.
Unfortunately I began to have a nightmare about the situation and what could have happened. This causes me to wake up in fright as I then begin to shake uncontrollably again. Tears poured from my eyes.
Emily also awakens at the same time. She sees me crying my eyes out, and moves closer towards me. She wraps her arms around me and kisses me lightly on the forehead, as she says, "Hey, hey, its alright.” “I'm here for you baby.” “It was just a nightmare." I hug her tightly as I continue to sob for a while longer.
After a few minutes I ask if Emily wants to jerk me off with an armband. Emily asks me if I’m sure I want her to do it, as she will only do it with my consent. I agree as she leans out of the bed, trying not to leave me alone for too long and retrieves a single armband from her drawer.
Emily slides herself down underneath the covers and tells me to stay where I am as she places the armband over my dick and inflates it. She comes back up and starts to jerk me off. I moan with excitement as my penis gets harder and ready to cum.
I then ask Emily if she could suck me off when I am close to cumming. She says, “Sure thing baby.” Emily asks me to tell her when I’m close. She steadily moves the armband up and down until I tell her I’m close.
As I tell her, she smiles as she says, “Time for me to receive my payload baby boy.” Emily moves under the covers, takes the armband off and proceeds to give me a blow job, as she takes the pre-cum stained armband and moves it towards her clit, and starts to masturbate herself with it.
Shivering with excitement I say, "Cum for me baby.” We both orgasm together only for me to realise that the sheet was now stained, making me worry that Emily was going to get angry with me again. Thankfully she did not as she was too exhausted. Emily emerged from the covers next to me.
A single tear drips from my eyes as I say, "Sorry I made such a mess." Emily kisses me saying, “I don't mind baby.” “I accept your apology.” “Now lets get back to sleep.” They both lean back and hold each other in their arms, and drift happily back to sleep.
Later on we re awaken and proceed to clear the place up. Emily asks me how I was able to forgive her for her reckless behaviour earlier. I tell her that although she caused me great distress, I wasn't entirely blameless. I tell her that she is slowly but surely beginning to make me regain my trust in her.
Emily was pleased by this, and lets me know by hugging me in pure love and happiness, thanking me for beginning to trust her. Emily then leans in for a kiss, and I kiss her back with even more passion.
I then ask her to try the firecrackers in the armbands again as I decided that I wanted to have at least one true attempt to try conquering my fear for that day. She asks, “why?”
I explain that since I knew about her firecrackers, I wanted to let her Incorporate them into our sexual activity. “So, my little Christopher's gonna try and conquer his fear once again.”, she thinks to herself.
Skeptical at first, Emily proceeds to do as I asked, however she takes a few precautions to ensure our safety. Her plan was to make it as quick as possible, as she inflates the armbands and places them on my arms.
She carefully places one firecracker into each armband and proceeds to light them with her trusty lighter, she brings through from her bag.
As she does this, she can tell how nervous Christopher was. She stops before lighting them as she says, “You don't have to prove yourself to me by indulging in my love for firecrackers.” Christopher, although nervous, asks her to continue. I was determined to face my fear, however scared I may be.
Reluctantly, Emily proceeds to light the firecrackers. As the first firecracker is ignited, I begin to shake slightly but try to ignore my fears. Emily can see that I am visibly frightened, yet trying to remain confident.
Emily can see the fear in my eyes but the determination in my face. She asks if I want her to continue. Hesitantly I nod as Emily goes to light the second firecracker. There is concern from her but she continues with the plan for me.
As I watch, I whisper to her, "Thank you baby." Emily nods as the second firecracker is ignited. I then ask Emily to hold my slightly shaky hand. Emily does so, making an attempt to comfort me.
She understands that I wished to face my fears, but is also nervous about the situation herself. Obviously they will put them both out. Hopefully Christopher trusts her enough to put her's out, she thinks to herself. She'd be a fool to let her's explode, hurting him. Perhaps Christopher doesn't trust her at all, she thinks. Emily is rather doubtful about the situation at the time.
Just as the firecrackers were going to explode Emily and I both place wet fingers on the fuses, disarming them before she removes them from the armbands.
Emily looks to me as we hug each other. Emily congratulates me for facing my fears and staying strong and brave until the very end. We hug it out before I ask Emily how she was feeling, as I noticed that she was shaking slightly afterwards.
Emily responds, explaining she felt worried about how I had been feeling. She tells me that she was anxious to put out the firecrackers as soon as she saw how nervous I was. I tell her that I knew she would stop when the time was right as I revealed that I had also not realized at the time that I’d unintentional tested her to see if I could fully trust her. She is slightly annoyed by this admission giving me a frown, but understands why I had done it.
Despite this revelation, Emily was still pleased with my bravery, and I was proud of myself for lasting this long. We decide to celebrate our success with a special inflatables session. Emily goes to her room and brings out the armbands from earlier. I wait eagerly for Emily to return.
When she does, she is holding 3 pairs of armbands. I was visibly excited as Emily then proceeded to strip naked and hands two pairs of armbands to me, to inflate on her arms and legs.
I then watch as Emily seductively inflates the armbands on my legs, as she takes out another separate armband. The armband was my favourite aqua swim school armband. My penis twitches in excitement as I watch Emily's every move.
Emily holds the armband out towards me as she then grabs hold of my penis with one hand, still holding the armband with the other. She then positions herself next to me and places the armband over my still twitching cock. I can hardly contain myself as Emily bends down to inflate the armband on my penis.
I was ecstatic as I watched the armband inflate on my hard cock. "Oh, baby." , I say excitedly as I smiled warmly at Emily. Emily smiled back, a friendly smile, contrasting her overall sexual look. I felt the armband get tighter around my cock. My penis tensed up at this point as a small dribble of pre-cum leaked out. "Excited, are we?", asked Emily, but I was too horny to respond.
I was too focused on the armband. After inflating both chambers, she looks me in the eye, as I stare back at her. I don't say a word and neither does she. Emily begins to jerk me off after lubricant is rubbed all over my cock, slowly and very sensual at first.
After a few minutes I began to moan in excitement as my cock started getting bigger and harder. I then takes my hand and begin to finger Emily, causing her to gasp in surprise. She moans shortly afterwards as she smiles at me again
This time a seductive smile appears on her happy face. She repositioned her hand on the armband, allowing for a better grip as she then starts to jerk faster, and with more force. Finally after several more horny moments screams of pleasure erupt from me as my cock blew it's load all over me and Emily. Emily looks to me as she too cums.
Once we had gotten over our euphoric state, I blush with slight embarrassment as a result of cumming over Emily. Emily doesn't mind either.
She'd be a hypocrite to get mad since she'd made quite the mess herself. She blushes with embarrassment as she says, woopsie.” “Looks like someone had a little accident.” “I guess I'll have to go and get changed.” Emily winks at me and leaves the room. I sighed with happiness, knowing that me and Emily were back on good terms and that soon my fear of firecrackers would be a thing of the past.
Over the next few months Emily and I continue to enjoy each other's company as we continued to grow. I finally get over my fear of firecrackers after another two months of intense work Finally both of us could now enjoy the inflatable/firecracker pleasure we had worked so hard to achieve.
The End

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