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Phips 02-12-2020 08:20 AM

The prom part 6
As promised I have finished another part of my story. This time there are a lot of balloons involved ;)


Part 6:

School on Monday just didn't pass because all I could think of was the meeting about prom in the afternoon.
"What would the others think of Franzi's idea of all the balloons? I mean it's pretty time-consuming to set that all up. But me and Franzi could volunteer to set it up. But then again we will have so much other stuff to do all day and can't waste so much time blowing up hundreds of balloons.. And the cost. It's gonna be so expensive to buy all these balloons. Oh well, let's just wait and see what the others will say about this."
Finally it was the afternoon and we met in one of the classrooms to discuss several things for the prom. It was Franzi, Sarah, Luke, Alissa and me. (Sarah is the friend Franzi met with on the weekend. A tall brunette with big brown eyes, well toned body and nice C-Cup breasts. Alissa was a small, curvy redhead and a bouncy personality.)
We had to finalize arrangements with the band, catering, bar etc.. All in all it was pretty exhausting and a long process.
"Alright, with the band finally sorted out we're pretty much set, don't you think, guys?", Luke asked. "I have to go home now, if you don't have anything super urgent to discuss."
"I think we're almost good to go. Only one thing missing.. Decorations!" Franzi said with a beaming smile.
"Yeah, that's the fun part I hope!" Alissa said.
"Well, if that's okay with you I will leave you guys to it. I don't really care about the decorations haha." and with that Luke said goodbye to us and left.
"So what do you have in mind, Franzi?"
"Phil and me were already at the big party store in town, you know which one I mean? The one that always has these massive balloon decorations everywhere. We were talking to the girl working there, Emily, and were looking at a lot of different stuff.
What I really wanted to do was a lot of balloons. Like everywhere. Get some archs over the entrance, columns around the dancefloor, helium bouquets at the tables and so on. And to top it all off we'll do a balloon drop at the end!"
"That sounds so awesome! I love balloons."
Of course Alissa was all in on this. She loved playful stuff. Sarah was a bit sceptical and brought up the exact points I was worried about.
"Okay, sounds cool, but will that not be really expensive? And a lot of work to blow those balloons up.."
"Don't worry, we will get electrical pumps and helium tanks from the store and Emily said she will come over with one or two people from the store and help us set up. I wrote an email yesterday to ask about the decorations again. And the balloons we would have chosen are really pretty. I'll show you!"
Show you? Oh boy, is she gonna blow some balloons up right now?
Just as I thought she pulled out a handful of balloons and put them on the table.
"Come on girls, grab some and blow them up." she said.
Alissa immediately took 3 balloons and began to blow into one. Sarah reluctantly took one too, stretched it a bit and watched the other two blow up their balloons.
Franzi's balloon started forming a small neck and Sarah looked a bit uncomfortable.
"Okay, those balloons are pretty big.. Don't you think you should stop blowing now?" she asked nervously.
"Oh they can get a lot bigger! We blew some up until they popped in the store. Want me to show you?"
"Oh yeah, let's make them burst!". And Alissa started blowing into her balloon as fast as she could before Sarah could even answer.
Franzi giggled and winked at me before she could continue blowing into her balloon. I had to shift around a bit to hide me boner from that show once again.
Both balloons got bigger and bigger and Sarah came closer and closer to me to kind of hide from the balloons.
The two balloons were probably about 16" instead of 14" by now and the necks of both were pressing at the girls mouths. Alissa kept up with Franzi pretty well.
Suddenly the first balloon burst with a deafening bang! It was incredibly loud because of all the smooth surfaces in the classroom.
Sarah screamed, Alissa flinched with her balloon still in her mouth and Franzi clapped her hands in celebration.
"Wow, that was awesome! What an incredible bang haha. Keep going Alissa, you can do it!"
Franzi walked over to Alissa to hold her balloon while she was still trying to put more air in. I watched them from the side and Franzi pressed her boobs into the balloon a bit and looked me in the eyes. I hope the other girls don't notice how fucking horny I was..


Alissa's balloon also exploded into tiny pieces with a huge bang. This time Sarah only jumped a bit but cuddled me afterwards and pressed her boobs into my shoulder hard. After a while she relaxed and started to giggle.
Alissa flinched a bit and started laughing, but Franzi did not even flinch even though that massive balloon popped right next to her. She just continued to look into my eyes with a devious smile. I felt like my dick would soon rip through my pants and I was so happy when Sarah went over to the other two and got away from me cause I feared she might notice.
"Wow, these balloons sure are loud. But I did not really pay attention to the way they looked. Can we just blow up a few to a normal size to see what they look like?"
"Sure, I have a pump with me so it won't take as long. So we have 14" like these two we just blew up. Or 12" inch which are a bit smaller and cheaper, maybe those would be good for the balloon drop. And I also have a few 17" balloons, those are soo cool. But probably too big and expensive for our purpose. I'll show you a few of all the sizes."
She unpacked the pump and began to fill the balloons to just over rated size with a small neck. I relaxed a bit and my dick did not burst out of my pants anymore, but still it was quite sexy to see Franzi work the pump and these balloons like a pro.
When she was finished blowing them all up we had 9 balloons in the classroom between us. The girls inspected them all and were chatting about the nice colors and how huge the 17" were.
"What do you think, Phil? Which ones should we use?", Sarah asked me.
I tried to play it cool: "I don't care that much about the decorations either.. But if I were to choose I would probably build the arches and columns and stuff with the 14 inch mostly. Then use the 12 inch for the drop and throw some 17" ones in there as well."
"Sounds good. Franzi, can you arrange everything with the girl from the shop? I think the balloons are still in our budget, we raised quite a lot of money for the prom." Sarah suggested.
"Okay, what do we do with those balloons? Can we pop them?" Alissa asked.
"Why not, I don't know what else to do with them. Let's sit on them until they burst! Each of us gets 3 balloons."
The girls took one balloon each, starting with the 12" ones, and placed them on the chairs beneath them.
"Ready? 3.. 2.. 1... Go!"
They all started bouncing hard on the balloons and it didn't take long for Alissa and Franzi to pop theirs. Sarah was a bit more careful with hers so she had to jump up and down a bit longer. I couldn't take my eyes off her boobs which were bouncing around in her tiny crop-top. When her balloon finally burst she let out a little shriek and giggled before taking her 14" balloon from the pile in the corner.
Alissa and Franzi were already sitting on their 14 inch balloons. Franzi was riding it backwards, her ass facing me. She was arching her back, so I had a great sight onto her tight butt. It looked like she did not try to win the sit popping race anymore.. She looked over her shoulder towards me while grinding on her balloon and was just bouncing up and down lightly. Alissa's balloon burst with a loud bang right next to her and again she did not even flinch. I did not take my eyes off her and her perfect booty until her balloon finally burst, too. Sarah managed to pop hers right after, so they both walked over to get the two 17 inch ones.
The girls were all struggling a bit to get on top of that huge balloon on top of the chair so they put them down on the floor and sat on them. What a sight.. 3 hot girls sitting next to each other on 3 tight 17 inch balloons.
"Well this is kind of comfortable haha." Sarah said.
"Yeah, we should use balloons for chairs in class in the future!" Alissa suggested jokingly.
The girls had a blast with the balloons and were just bouncing around, chatting and not really wanting to pop their balloons.
"You know what, I'm going to keep my balloon and take it home with me. It's too pretty to pop." Sarah said.
Alissa and Sarah looked at each other and apparently decided not to keep theirs, because the started bouncing harder and harder until Bang, Bang! Both their balloons popped at almost the same time with big bangs. They fell to the floor and rolled around on top of each other laughing hard.
"Well, that was great. I never knew that "work" would be this fun. I think we can all agree that we want to have balloons at our prom, right girls? I mean it will just make the cleanup to be a lot of fun haha!"
"Yes, awesome! I will contact Emily soon and make the final arrangements. For now I think we're done. Let's clean up here and go home." Franzi said.
I was kinda sad but at the time really glad that the girls were done playing with balloons because I couldn't take it much longer. I hoped we would go straight home and I could relieve my tension from the afternoon with a private balloon show with Franzi.
After cleaning up we said goodbye to each other and while hugging Sarah I felt like she was hugging me extra hard and deliberately brushed her balloon against me. Could she have noticed something..? I hope not, that would be so embarrassing.
We went home and I could not help myself but to look back at Sarah with her big balloon in her hands before turning around and going home with Franzi.

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