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MaruLooner 30-04-2018 05:37 AM

Captchas not working
Hi everyone

So a fellow looner I know had found this site and wanted to join. She had come across a problem wherein she could not complete the sign up form as the Captcha would not load. I looked around and tried to sign up for her and came to the same problem. Upon inspection I found that the captcha being used on this site has been closed(

I would like to ask that it would be fixed please as she is really looking forward to joining this forum as I am sure with many other looners to who find this site.

Thank you for your time

Vicci 30-04-2018 10:30 AM

Re: Captchas not working
They should be able to register now. The issue is with my web guy to fix.


MaruLooner 03-05-2018 04:47 AM

Re: Captchas not working
Thank you! My friend joined successfully. :) :)

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