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Micks101 12-04-2018 07:37 AM

Wondering if anyone on here plays a musical instrument? It's a big hobby of mine (apart from balloons of course haha). Personally I play thr guitar myself! I'm a bit of a gear nerd so would be cool to hear what people own and play!

wildheart 12-04-2018 12:27 PM

Re: Instruments
Got a guitar, keyboard and Native American flute. Occasionally make my own music. Not my biggest hobby but I do have a music session every so often.

b0f0s0f 12-04-2018 08:11 PM

Re: Instruments
Guitar (Jackson 7 string), some drums

Slugamano 13-04-2018 06:56 AM

Re: Instruments
I have an Ahlborn organ and sometimes I terrorize my family with my play. I also have a mandoline (it's a very male-like instrument, the female version is the fraudoline...), a flute and a didgeridoo. I used to have a guitar but my son aquired it...

SusieDK 13-04-2018 09:03 AM

Re: Instruments

I play guitar - and sometimes a little bass as well. I have a really nice Telecaster and also a western (acoustic) guitar. I love playing and play some each and every day. I wish I was better at it though, but this is one of the great things by playing an instrument I think; you can always get better :)

Susie :)

JR Looner 14-04-2018 10:43 AM

Re: Instruments
I play piano/electronic keyboard. I started when I was around 11 years old. Over the years I have not really kept up with playing the piano, but it would be easy for me to get back into. I have a keyboard that has been with me since high school.

Very Respectfully,


Bubble Boy :-P 29-04-2018 11:51 PM

Re: Instruments
Piano/keyboard, viola & just a liiiiiiittle guitar :p

Loonatic 02-05-2018 01:59 PM

Re: Instruments
Drums/percussion, bass, some piano and a little ukulele as well.

Been playing music most of my life, percussion all throughout school as well as bass throughout highschool. Picked up ukulele not too long ago, pretty fun change of pace. I've tried learning guitar a few times but it didn't stick.

blowhyoooge 27-05-2018 07:11 AM

Re: Instruments
tuba (not very well) but that's part of the fetish for me :) i always wanted to learn to play the drums but never got around to it.

Bubble Boy :-P 27-05-2018 07:34 PM

Re: Instruments
Ha,ha! Always blowin' stuff!:p

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