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I enjoyed reading that, im happy im not alone im sure that my fetish was started by this one event that took place when i was about 6 or 7 years old. I was at the bank with my mother while I was waiting at the side for my mother to finish up what she was doing, a really preety woman working at the bank aproached me and asked if I would like a balloon, obviousley I said yes. She disapeared for a bit, after a while she came back with a beautifuly inflated emrald green HELIUM BALLOON, for duration of the stay I was trying to keep the balloon from getting any finger prints on it and especially keeping it away from sharp objects. While walking through the parking lot my mother saw that I still had the balloon from the bank and that I hadnt poped or let ot fly away as soon as I got outside like a normal child would have done. Before she opened the car door for me, my mother asked my why I hadnt poped it and explained that it was fun to pop balloons. I replied that I liked it and wanted to keep it, she said that she didnt like balloons and didnt want it in the car and told me to either pop it or let it fly away. I tried convincing her to let me keep it, she distracted me and then dug her finger nails into the balloon while I was still holding the ribbon. Th worst part is that she actually struggled to pop it so she had the balloon in her hands for a while and made the balloon go squeek squeeeek before it went BANG. Some how this made me looner and I get turned on by helium balloons in soecific whenever i have on in my possession I will get an erection and butterflys in my stomach. However its just a side thing for me it doesnt effect my sexuality, im straight.
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