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Default Re: Balloon Reviews
Brand: Amscan
Size: 24”
Shape: Round

Overall rating: 3 — A moderately soft, fun round balloon. While not the most interesting balloon, its relative affordability and availability belie its quality.
Durability: 4 — Shockingly durable, perhaps due to its ability to expand surprisingly far.
Reliability: 4 — I’ve had good experiences, though weak spots can and do appear on occasion.
Softness (New): 3 — Delightfully soft for a new balloon, and willing to deform when pressure is applied.
Softness (Used): 4
Neck: 1 — Nope, sadly not happening here.
Overinflation: 4.5 — Unbelievable how much bigger past rated size these things can get.
Loudness: ? — I would guess it would be about as loud as a high-quality punch balloon, as that’s what the latex reminds me of.
Mess: ?

Price: $7-$11 for a bag of four.
Other comments: The colors are absolutely wonderful! Fun, bright pastels are lovely. They also come in transparent clear, though they sometimes look clouded to me.

I highly recommend this balloon if you are on a budget or have limited options. They can be found on Amazon. I’ve heard they are also sold at Party City.

This review was conducted by a nonpopper.

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