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Default Re: Balloon Reviews
Brand: BSA
Size: 17”
Shape: Round

Overall rating: 3 — One of those tough balloons made for outdoor display, the BSA 17” walks the line between being a fun, robust balloon (like a Tuftex 17”) and a boring, tight outdoor balloon.
Durability: 4 — Even with a neck, they are fun to bounce on (with care).
Reliability: 5
Softness (New): 2
Softness (Used): 3.5
Neck: 3 — Not very difficult to neck, and can actually grow to a few inches.
Overinflation: 3 — You should be able to tell how far to go.
Loudness: ? — Probably quite loud
Mess: ?

Price: About $25 for a bag of 72
Other comments: Even at capacity, the latex feels pretty nice. Not the softest balloon out there, but it feels strong and elastic without being too tight and unforgiving.

Poppers may get a kick out of this one as it can get a respectable neck.

Overall, if you want to buy a large amount of 16” or 17” balloons, I’d recommend Tuftex over BSA.

This review was conducted by a nonpopper.

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