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Default Re: Balloon Reviews
Brand: Jarty Party
Size: 18”
Shape: Round

Overall rating: 1 — A sturdy (for a while) but unimpressive outdoor-type balloon. 18” is optimistic.
Durability: 4 — Durable, at least for a couple of days. Less so if overinflated.
Reliability: 3 — Reliability is fair over the first 24 hours.
Softness (New): 1 — Not much room for fun here...
Softness (Used): 2.5
Neck: 1
Overinflation: 3 — It’ll get a bit softer and a bit bigger, making it a bit more enjoyable. Be aware that spontaneous pops may happen after a few days.
Loudness: ?
Mess: 3

Price: About $9 for a bag of 30.
Other comments: The Amazon price tag may look tempting, but it’s not worth it for a nonpopper. They’re somewhat reminiscent of a cheap punch ball, but with a less fun shape and neck.

For similar (and better) balloons, try the Tuftex 17” or BSA 17”.

This review was conducted by a nonpopper.
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