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Brand: Cattex
Size: 36" Long Neck
Shape: Bulb with elongated neck

Overall rating: 4
Durability: 5- Cattex balloons are well known for their ability to take a pounding. I'm a little over 200lbs and one of these balloons can handle my weight when it's at 32".
Reliability: 4- While no accidental pops while inflating I've had some with obvious glaring defects. These defects can be a major problem considering this balloons is made for the expressed purpose of being necked.
Softness (New): 3- Not the softest balloon when fully inflated the first time.
Softness (Used): 5- Amazing after four or five inflations. The balloon will lovingly wrap itself around you.
Neck: 5- Being made for necking these can get necks about a foot long and probably still take more. Being a larger balloon these are difficult to get stable necks and require pre-inflating the neck several times.
Overinflation: ? I really don't know, never taken one to that limit.
Loudness: 3- I'm a non popper and accidentally popped one while laying on it. It was inflated several times before and wasn't full sized when it popped, so take this rating with a grain of salt.
Mess: ? Haven't popped it in a way to make a mess

Price: $3 - $5 per loon
Other comments: An absolutely breathtaking balloon for neck enthusiasts and people who love taking balloons to the edge. People into balloon bouncing will also find that the specially designed neck will help the body of the balloon absorb the weight of bounces if the balloon's neck isn't inflated prior to bouncing.
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