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Default Re: Wearing latex is like wearing a balloon
After having done two floating trips in my new inflatable latex suit i have come to the conclution.
Floating in this suit is closets thing to float in a helium filled suit i can imagine.
It feels exactly like wearing a balloon in the water.
The way the inner layer is pressing against my body while i am floating is arousing.
The atached inflatable hood makes view restricted like if i had a balloon around my head.
I only have to use small frog kicks with my scuba fins to propel me forward and it gives me the illusion that i am weighless in the suit.
You know how wonderfull a latex balloon feels when it's pressed against your skin.
Then imagine how it feel when the pressure of the air in the suit is pressing the inner latex layer against your whole body together with the suit making you feel weighless.
I know that i have written this before, but the biggest part of my fetish is the feeling of being lifted /carried by balloons and inflatabes.
So this suit is an absolute blessing for me
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