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Originally Posted by Smothered by tits View Post
But i've had a question going around in my mind since we started hanging out. How does she react to balloons?
Don't assume she will like balloons in the way you do. Assume that - like most people - balloons are just fun party objects. Until she confirms otherwise, then don't try and make her like balloons, in the way you do. That plan will potentially backfire - and as we discussed before - you don't want to ruin the friendship. I know she's told you about her interest in BDSM, but that's a huge topic, and until you know more, that doesn't mean she wants to hear about what you are into. Find out more about this, but read on first.

Originally Posted by Smothered by tits View Post
I was thinking of bringing a balloon with me say that i found it start inflating it and see how she acts. Is this a good idea or should i try something else?
That is a hugely BAD idea! You're already starting things off on the wrong foot. Not only will this be embarrasing to her, but it may well be hugely embarrasing to you too.

You're going about this all wrong. Consider things from her point of view, not just your own. Imagine if a girl asked you out to the cinema, then at some stage during the evening, she starts randonly blowing-up a balloon whilst you are both out-and-about in public. Now, initially, you may find this highly erotic, but then reality will kick-in, and you're going to feel very uncomfortable. The main question you'll be asking is "What does she know about me, and how did she know it?". What happens if you suddenly get a huge erection, and she notices this?

You need to start taking things much, much slower. I know you clearly fancy the heck out of her, but right now, you and her aren't even actual friends. Don't mess things up by trying to get her to fall madly in love with you, when she may have no feelings of any kind towards you - friendship, romance, or anything else.

You've got to start understanding that the way you are approaching this, is all wrong, I'm afraid. You're going to destroy any chance of being friends with her, if your only goal is to eventually fall in love, have sex, and get married, and live a life of balloon-filled bliss.

Slow down!!!

She may already have a boyfriend, or girlfriend. She may have no sexual interest in you or anyone elase at all. She may not be seeking romance, and she may already have plenty of friends too. You need to take things much, much slower, or this is going to backfire on you horrendously, and you'll be hating yourself for ages afterwards, and feel very had about it too.

Right now: get to know her as a friend, and nothing else. Ask her out to the cinema, if you want, but don't take any balloons with you, and don't ask her about balloons either - at all - not even in a surreptitious or discrete manner. You're going to end up ruining things, before they even start.

Also, and without meaning to be rude here, take a cold shower, and stop thinking about what things might happen in the future. Focus on just trying to be friends, and nothing else. Don't try to be boyfriend/girlfriend. Don't try and jump into bed with her, or mention your thing about balloons - yet.

I know you've since discovered that she's into BDSM, and that may be a way to know she's more open-minded about somethings, but don't assume that means she's ready to hear about your thing for balloons.

Take things really slowly. Women like it when men don't pounce, and take things slow. Be a good man: take it slow. You'll enjoy things better, and there's a bigger chance that things will go better for you both, if you do go slowly.

Okay, take care, and good luck!
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