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Default Re: New Qualatex Metallics
Originally Posted by Nopops4me View Post
Here we are 13 months later after the last post on Qualatex metallic balloons and all seems to have gone quiet. [SNIP] From what's been written here it would seem looners don't like them very much for various reasons.
I don't think that looners dislike them, per se, it's more that:
1) They're not easy to get hold of yet, as Qualatex aren't manufacturing them regularly. They're still testing them out, in different parts of the world, to see whether there's a market for them or not, and

2) They're pricey, and only available in one size.

Until they start being cheaper, or being made in more colours and sizes, their appeal will be limited to special occasions. For looners, metallic balloons DO look lovely, but as that's not going to necessarily be the prime reason why we want them, then I suspect that that's the real reason this thread is so quiet.
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