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Default Sunnylife beach balls and the best explosion ever. :)
Well, these rainbow beach balls from sunnylife are around $50 each, so was absolutely amazed to see them discounted to $10 at one of the chain stores, so went right ahead and cleared the remaining nine they had left on the shelf. When fully inflated, they measure 35 inches from side to side.

Yesterday, finally got a chance to blow it up, and wipe that powdery stuff off, I needed to have a shower afterwards. The Sydney humidity and all that pumping made me sweaty.

Later on; when relaxed, sat on my sofa wearing a pair of sneakers and shorts, nothing else, sat and played with it, pushing and grinding that HUGE transparent side right into my (little willie), and very rapidly was in the deepest libido I've experienced for several decades, and well, when climaxing, I didn't know what hit me, it was completely and utterly euphoric. I was emotionally and psychologically (in a very beautiful way) off the air for a few moments; it's one of those occasions when you know that you've experienced an extreme sense of well being, and feeling way above the clouds.

I noticed when putting it down, 30 minutes later it was starting to flatten down, so what I initially thought to be total bliss may be disappointment. The ball seems to have leaks at the point where all eight panels meat at each polar end. I have a horrible feeling this is why they were all cheap. But anyway, will eventually see what the other eight are like. These where purchased from a well known chain store, definitely not an unknown discount store, so hoping this was just a case of bad luck for one ball.
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