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Default Re: Has anyone ever filled a GL with helium?
Originally Posted by BalloonBoyUK View Post
You are correct about both things, but to be fair to the stores, I can't see many stores of any kind be willing to fill-up a GL700/1200 with helium. That'd probably exhaust their entire month's supply of helium.

That said, how much helium (and Hi-float) did you end-up using, just out of curiosity? It must've been a lot, and the cost must also have been pricey too.
Not to brag, but I make a comfortable enough salary that even with its ever-rising cost helium for personal use isn't a bank-breaker. That being said, my cylinders last a long time because I rarely fill anything larger than a 36". And 36's rarely get filled because when using Hi-Float I've had them stay afloat for up to 9 months. They take up lots of room and rarely need replacing. The majority of what I fill is Tuf-Tex 17's, Tuf-Tex 14's and to round the bunch out a Tuf-Tex 24 the odd time. Every once in awhile in, say, the summer for a kid's birthday party or when we're having a block party or garage sale or something like that I'll fill a couple of 72's (they really get people's attention) but in addition to the helium they take a good cup of Hi-Float, last FOREVER and occupy a lot of space so they pretty much live outside or in the garage after the event is long over.
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