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Default Balloons at work
Thought I would just share a balloon popping moment that happened today at work. I didnít realize that today was my General managers birthday today. didnt think much of it until one of my co workers went out and bought balloons. When I got back from lunch all of the receptions where blowing the balloons up. Watching my favorite receptionist who is stunning. Blue eyes blond hair. About 5í6 thick in all the right places with a beautiful pear shaped butt. I had to walk away I didnít wanna get caught staring. It was about an hour before we closed, there where more helium balloons on her desk. She said she was going to pop them once it got a bit later. My anxiety kicked in. All I could think of was how was she going to pop them. Would she step on them, use something sharp or would she sit on them? All I could Hope for is I could at least she her sit on at least on of those balloons. Well unfortunately she used a pin for those, however there more balloons in the office of the GM. She asked me to help her so I agreed to help her get rid of the balloons. We walked in the office and she couldnít find her scissors so I handed her a balloon and said you could always sit on them...she looked at me funny and said why would you want me to sit on them i panicked does she know about my balloon fetish!!! All I replied was just to pop them. She ended up going back to her desk and getting a pen but still getting to watch her pop balloons was still Awsome not the story book ending but itís better then nothing
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