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Default Re: Do you still have fear of popping?
I do. I never got rid of this phobia I had since my childhood, even after I discovered my fetish and started popping balloons myself. But now I don't regret it, I guess it's even more exciting to pop the balloons when you have the fear especially to do a B2P

I've always been worried about pieces of a balloon hitting me in the eye during a B2P, but recently I discovered a 'lifehack': swimming goggles! They are probably the perfect way to protect your eyes, because they cover the eye from all sides (unlike regular glasses) and you can wear them in any pose. The small downside is that you feel a little bit of unnatural, especially if you are wearing nothing but these goggles. Still, it helped me not to worry about injuring my eyes and left me with only my fetish feelings.
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